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Security gates
What are security gates?

Security gates are robust steel entrance gates for controlling vehicular access to and from sites. We offer a range of standard security gates and, most importantly, we also have in-house facilities to design and manufacture custom metal gates to suit your requirements. Security gates will only perform as intended if they are correctly installed, so we always install the gates, after which we issue a Declaration of Conformity and apply the CE mark to show they are safe and compliant with the Machinery Directive. In addition, we offer maintenance contracts to ensure the gates continue to operate reliably and safely.

During our 100+ years in this business we have provided security gates to most of the relevant market sectors. For example, we have installed metal security gates at data centres, warehouses, airports, docks, government buildings, defence establishments, utilities sites, hospitals and care homes, commercial and industrial premises, waste recycling centres, schools, sports grounds and leisure facilities, and prisons and young offender institutions.

To complement our high-security gates, we supply access control systems, pedestrian gates, turnstiles, steel security fencing in a variety of formats and specifications, Armco barriers, rising-arm barriers, bollards, one-way flow plates and speed ramps.

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                  Security gates – product overview

                  Because of the many different types of application and diverse site requirements, we offer a broad choice of standard and bespoke security gates. These can be categorised as:

                  • Tracked sliding gates
                  • Cantilevered sliding gates
                  • Telescopic gates
                  • Swing gates
                  • Bi-folding gates

                  These all feature heavy-duty construction to provide the necessary security, hence all but the smallest are powered and/or automated. The infill can be welded wire mesh, palisade, balustrade, sheet steel or laser-cut bespoke designs. Gates, gate posts and associated hardware are hot-dip galvanised for long-lasting protection against corrosion, and an optional polyester powder-coated finish can be applied on top of the galvanising in your choice of colour.

                  What are the key features and advantages of security gates?

                  Security gates are a vital element of a site’s perimeter protection. They, therefore, have to be extremely robustly constructed, possess good climb resistance, and the drive mechanism needs to be protected from attempts at tampering.

                  Our commercial security gates, industrial gates and other types of security gate are fabricated from heavy-gauge steel. Corresponding gate support posts and related hardware are similarly robustly constructed to avoid any weak points.

                  As the gates tend to be relatively heavy, we install powerful drive systems that normally feature electric motors; hydraulic systems can be installed if specified by the customer. Bearings, guides and other components are all selected to give a long, trouble-free operating life.

                  Powered and automated security gates are defined as ‘machines’ and therefore have to be CE marked to indicate compliance with the Machinery Directive. CE marking can only be completed once the gate has been installed and commissioned, which is why we provide a turnkey service that covers everything including site survey, technical consultation, design, manufacture, installation and commissioning. Having complete control over the safety aspects means can be certain that the gate is safe before we CE mark it.

                  Safety measures depend on the application, gate usage pattern and type of gate, but we typically install safety light beams, pressure-sensitive edges, warning beacons and alarms. If the customer opts for an ongoing maintenance contract, these safety devices will all be examined and tested periodically, as will the drive mechanism, bearings, guides and other components.

                  All of our security gates are built to applicable British, European and international standards, as well as current guidance from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the Automated Gate Group of the Door and Hardware Federation (DHF). In addition, we can manufacture gates that are certified to security rating SR2 of the LPS 1175 standard.

                  Standards that our security gates comply with include:

                  • BS EN 12453 Industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates. Safety in use of power operated doors. Requirements and test methods
                  • BS EN 12604 Industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates. Mechanical aspects. Requirements and test methods
                  • BS EN 12635 Industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates. Installation and use
                  • BS EN 12978 Industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates. Safety devices for power-operated doors and gates. Requirements and test methods
                  • BS EN 13241 Industrial, commercial, garage doors and gates. Product standard, performance characteristics

                  In addition, our gates comply with numerous specialist electrical and machinery safety standards.

                  If security is a major concern, the project specification will often call for gates and fencing that are ‘Secured by Design’. As an SBD-accredited installer, we offer a range of products that comply with this nationally-recognised Official Police Security Initiative.

                  Our work

                  Over the course of the last 100+ years, we have established an enviable reputation for the quality of our gates and fencing, as well as our customer service. Still family-owned and run, the business can trace its history back to 1740 and today we are a market leader in gates and fencing. You can, therefore, be sure that we have the knowledge and experience to meet your requirements for security gates and associated products.

                  In one recent project, we designed, manufactured and installed two automated telescopic gates for Exol Lubricants’ head office and distribution centre in the West Midlands. Space on the site was extremely restricted, so telescopic gates were ideal because they need only minimal space during and after opening. We worked up our designs from the architect’s drawings, which included intricate decorative panels that we profiled on our CNC laser cutting machine. The main contractor commented: “Procter was excellent to deal with. They were able to take the client brief and create a practical, high-quality solution to a far from straightforward problem.” As well as the gates, we also manufactured and installed fence panels with similar laser-cut bespoke designs.

                  Another good illustration of our capability is a project we completed for the world-famous Crystal Palace Football Club. The entrance gates are a key element of a club’s brand, yet they must also provide good security. Crystal Palace FC approached Procter Contracts due to our many years’ experience and expertise in creating large, ornate, custom-designed gates. Working from the club’s design brief, we submitted our designs. Once these were agreed, we designed, manufactured and embossed the gates with the club’s badge. Our installation team installed the swing gates within a day, as well as installing 5m and 1.2m single-leaf gates.

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