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Enhanced Perimeter Protection with V Mesh Fencing
Cost effective security fencing that is difficult to climb and cut through.

V Mesh fencing by Procter Contracts offers reliable perimeter protection, prioritizing strength and visibility. Crafted for medium-security needs, our fencing blends robust construction with aesthetic appeal, ensuring durability without compromising on clarity. Ideal for diverse environments, from commercial sites to education spaces, our fencing excels in offering both functionality and aesthetics.

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Invest in Procter’s Mesh fencing for unparalleled security, durability, and aesthetic appeal. With our customizable solutions, safeguard your premises with confidence.




      Key Features

      Benefits of V Mesh Fencing:

      1. Robust Construction: Our Pro-Mesh fencing is difficult to breach, providing a formidable barrier against intruders.
      2. Optimal Visibility: Designed for clarity, our fencing maintains visibility while ensuring security.
      3. Customization Options: Choose from various visibility levels and colours to match your specific requirements and preferences. Speak to the team if you have specific requirements.
      4. Compliance: Our fencing conforms to British Standard BS 1722 Part 14:2016, ensuring quality and reliability.
      5. Durability: Hot-dipped galvanized steel construction ensures long-lasting protection against corrosion and wear.


      Our V-mesh fencing solutions are versatile and suitable for various applications, including:

      • Car Parks: Secure parking areas with robust perimeter protection.
      • Sports & Recreation Areas: Ensure safety and security for sports facilities and recreational spaces.
      • Schools: Protect school campuses and playgrounds from unauthorized access.
      • Retail Units: Safeguard retail properties and assets with reliable perimeter security.
      • Industrial Facilities: Secure industrial units and warehouses with durable fencing solutions.

      By choosing Procter Contracts for your mesh fencing needs, you’re investing in a solution that prioritizes security, durability, and aesthetics, providing peace of mind for years to come.


      PostsHeightMesh Size
      60x40mm to 60x60mm1.2m200mm x 50mm apertures with 5mm horizontal wires reinforcing V-profiles
      80x40mm to 80x60mm1.8m
      Options available2.0m

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