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V Mesh Fencing Panels
Cost effective security fencing that is difficult to climb and cut through.

Procter Contracts provides industry standard V mesh fencing, otherwise known as mesh fence panels. Options including a standard v mesh fencing and mesh fence panels. These are typically used for medium security applications, with the nature of the V mesh fence panels making it difficult to climb and cut through. Despite this, a V mesh fencing system has an attractive appearance and the open and very strong v mesh panels allows good visibility through it. The Pro-mesh and v-mesh style mesh panel fence systems provide a secure, durable and attractive perimeter fence.

Both Procter Pro-mesh fence systems comprise pressed panels with reinforced profiled sections to provide rigidity and strength. The number of these profiled sections will vary dependent on the height of the mesh panel.

Posts for this type of v mesh security fencing comes in various designs and we can supply and install the best option dependent on factors such as customer preference and the level of security needed etc.

In addition to our standard V mesh fencing, Procter Fencing Systems provide bespoke mesh fence panels to suit individual requirements that reflect the needs of the customer for a distinctive look.

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        • Car Parks
        • Sports & Recreation
        • Perimeter – Medium Security
        • Schools
        • Retail
        • Industrial Units


        PostsHeightMesh Size
        60x40mm to 60x60mm1.2m200mm x 50mm apertures with 5mm horizontal wires reinforcing V-profiles
        80x40mm to 80x60mm1.8m
        Options available2.0m

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