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Armco barriers
Protect people and property

Armco barriers are a proven way to protect people and property. They are typically used externally in car parks, industrial estates and commercial properties, and inside warehouses, factories and other areas where vehicles or forklift trucks may operate.

We offer two types of Armco barrier, standard and heavy-duty. To complement the barriers we offer accessories such as corner joints, end buffers and fishtail ends. In addition, our Column Protector is manufactured from the same railing as the standard Armco barrier for either 360 or 180-degree protection of structural columns, lamp posts, rainwater downpipes, CCTV camera columns and similar vulnerable items.

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Finish – As standard our Armco barrier is supplied with a galvanised finish for long-lasting protection against corrosion; in addition, we can apply an optional high-visibility yellow and black finish or the customer’s choice of BS or RAL colours.



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