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Fencing, gates and street furniture for airports
Your single source for design, manufacture, supply and installation

Airports require many different types of gates for pedestrian and vehicular access. Our range of standard gates provides ample choice, and our expertise in bespoke gates means we can meet all your requirements for type, size and aesthetics. Moreover, unlike other companies in this industry, we can also supply and install CCTV, monitored pulse fencing, all without having to subcontract any element of the work, so you have fewer contractors to manage.

Airports always need a variety of street furniture as well as bin stores and all types of architectural metalwork that Procter Contracts can supply and install.

Design and compliance
Our expert designers have in-depth experience with standard and bespoke fencing, gates and street furniture. In particular, we take gate safety very seriously.

Airports often specify our Secured by Design (SBD) fencing products. Our ISO 9001 Quality Management System covers the supply and installation of security, general and ornamental fencing, gates, railings and related items.

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High-security fencing, gates and additional security measures are essential for protecting airports, and we offer a comprehensive range for this market.

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