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Swing Gates: Secure Your Premises with Procter Contracts

Welcome to Procter Contracts, your trusted provider of premium swing gates for industrial, commercial, residential, and utility sites across the UK. Our gates are available in manual and electric configurations, offering convenience, security, and aesthetic appeal.

Discover Our Range of Swing Gates

Procter Contracts offers a wide range of gates, including manual and electric options, suitable for various applications. Our gates are available in different styles and designs, such as weldmesh gates, palisade gates, balustrade gates, ornamental swing gates, or custom-designed gates tailored to your specific requirements. All gates can be automated by one of our DHF certified engineers.

Tailored Solutions for Your Security Needs

At Procter Contracts, we understand that security needs vary from one site to another. That’s why we offer tailored¬† gate solutions, ensuring they meet your exact specifications. Whether you need single leaf or double leaf gates, we can customise the height, material gauge, and additional features to enhance security and match your aesthetic preferences.

Explore our range of premium manual and electric gates, tailored to openings from 1m to 15m wide. Heights range from 1m to 4m, with customizable options for infill, security fixings, and colours. Our range of Gates are perfect for industrial, commercial, residential, and utility sites, offering versatility and security. Contact us today for expert advice, installation services, and to discover the ideal swing gate solution for your needs!

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        Key Features

        • Manual and electric gates
        • Gate Infill: Mesh, Solid Bar, Tubular, Palisade, Timber, Bespoke
        • Easy operation for convenience
        • Customisable designs for higher security
        • Aesthetic appeal to complement any setting
        • Available in metal and hardwood options
        • Suitable for industrial, commercial, residential, and utility sites


        • Schools
        • Commerical
        • Residential
        • Industrial
        • Utility sites




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