For most questions the best option is simply to pick up the phone – 0800 2944 177, or email Procter Contracts.   However, the following are the more common questions we’re asked, so your answer may well be in here…

Will I need planning permission for fencing?
If the fence is 2 metres high or more, then you almost certainly will.  However, we strongly recommend that you always check with the Planning Dept at your local authority.  A further reason that planning may be required is if the site to be protected is in a conservation area and therefore the aesthetics of the fencing and any gates would be an important factor.

Can Procter Fencing Systems help me prepare the planning application?
We’d be delighted to provide drawings, photos and specifications to support your application – just get in touch.

The type of fencing and gates I need for my project need to be unique and can’t be of the standard stores available – can you help?
Absolutely we can and manufacturing bespoke fencing and gates – which we do in our factory – is very much a speciality of Procter Fencing Systems.

Many fencing companies seem biased towards certain types of fencing and installation methods – why is that and is that the case with Procter?
It’s because such companies are really only geared up to manufacture and/or install certain types of fencing and this means the result will not always be the optimum one – it can’t be given the huge variation in requirements.  At Procter Fencing Systems we don’t have that problem because we’re an independent company and can therefore:

  • Select from the range of fencing we manufacture
  • Buy in any type of fencing to suit the exact requirements for the job
  • Manufacture bespoke fencing to virtually any specification and to fit any need

Do you truly have nationwide coverage?
Yes we do from our three bases are located in the south-east of England, South Wales and Leeds, we cover the bulk of the UK easily and can manage larger projects in Scotland using our flexible workforce and drawing on skilled local labour where available

How do I know I can trust Procter Fencing Systems with a large project?
Where do we start! Seriously though, it’s a fair question and here are 10 good reasons:

  1. We’ve been in the business for over 100 years and this gives us almost unrivalled experience and expertise.
  2. We have a culture within Procter Fencing Systems which, though we say so ourselves, is exceptional customer focused and in every sense of the term.  We never walk away.
  3. As an independent company and one which isn’t locked into certain types of fencing, we always propose the optimum fencing and gates solution for the customer and not just one which suits us.
  4. Our fencing installers are highly trained to fully support our products and services, with this ethos backed by audited quality control procedures to BS EN ISO9001:2008.
  5. We have a total commitment to health and safety with CHAS, Achilles and UVDB Accreditation.
  6. Previous and high profile projects we’ve completed include conversion of Highbury Stadium, Manchester United FC Training ground, Cardiff FC Leckwith Stadium, the famous gates at Kensington Palace and the entire perimeter fence at Bristol Airport – clearly, these projects provide a measure of our experience, expertise and professionalism.
  7. We’re not ‘just’ fencing contractors – we advise on fencing and gates, manufacture fencing and gates, identify the solution, then expertly install it all.
  8. We’d never say that problems don’t occur – the nature of any construction-related industry will ensure they occasionally do – but what we can say is that our unique culture and level of experience will mean we’ll quickly rectify them.
  9. All our work carries a full guarantee with some products carrying extended warranties for up to 10 years.
  10. We respond to any question, enquiry or problem etc. quickly and efficiently – it’s all part of how we work and the outstanding service we aim to give to our customers.