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Electric Gate Repair & Maintenance

Ensure the seamless operation of your gates with our expert electric gate repair and maintenance services. At Procter Contracts, we prioritize regular upkeep to guarantee the safety and functionality of your automated gate systems.

Our Electric Gate Maintenance Plans

Choose from our three comprehensive maintenance plans tailored to your site’s needs:

  • Gold Maintenance Plan: Tailored for high-traffic sites with up to 45 cycles per day. Quarterly inspections ensure optimal performance.
  • Silver Maintenance Plan: Designed for medium-traffic areas with up to 30 cycles per day. Bi-annual inspections uphold gate integrity.
  • Bronze Maintenance Plan: Ideal for low-traffic environments with up to 15 cycles per day. Biennial servicing maintains gate reliability.

Expert Repairs

In addition to our comprehensive maintenance plans, we offer expert repair services for all types of electric gates. Whether it’s a minor adjustment or a major overhaul, our DHF approved engineers are equipped to handle any repair need promptly and efficiently.

  • DHF Approved Engineers: Our team of DHF accredited professionals ensures compliance with industry standards and regulations.
  • Comprehensive Inspections: From force testing to safety device checks, we leave no aspect unchecked during our maintenance visits.
  • Nationwide Coverage: Benefit from our 24/7 service coverage across the UK for prompt assistance whenever you need it.

Ready to schedule your electric gate repair or maintenance service? Get in touch with us today to experience reliable performance year-round.

Procter Contracts are a professional company that meet HSE & European Standards for gates and fencing systems. Operating throughout the United Kingdom we are part of Procter Bros who have provided security and protection since 1740.

Procter Contracts specialise in security gates and fences and provide installation, repair and maintenance contracts for all of our motorised electrical gates.

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