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Although this may seem obvious, many fencing installations we see around the UK are inappropriate for the job – both over-specified and under-specified.  Our experience over more than 70 years always ensures we understand the level security needed for a fencing project and therefore go on to recommend the optimum specification.  This specification will have many elements which include:

  1. Height of the fencing
  2. Gauge and type of posts
  3. Gauge and type of infill materials – e.g. palisade or mesh etc.
  4. Gauge and type of fixings
  5. Other possible requirements such as barbed wire, razor wire or electric pulse fence

Proceeding with any fencing project of an appreciable size without a technical consultation and detailed site survey and from a business which will not take an entirely unbiased view, is a potentially risky strategy – both in terms of not ending up with the right specification of fencing and paying too much for the job.

By trusting Procter Contracts with an initial technical consultation and site survey you can proceed with your project in complete confidence.