Access control systems

What are access control systems?
Used in almost all types of application

Access control systems manage who enters or leaves a site or designated area via an automatic gate, barrier or turnstile. Procter’s portfolio of access control devices, equipment and systems covers most applications, from low-security to high-security, and both pedestrians and vehicles. We either install standalone systems for gates, barriers or turnstiles, or we connect to site-wide access control and security system.

Access control systems are used in almost all types of application, including schools, defence establishments, prisons, airports, commercial and industrial sites, logistics hubs, retail premises, sports and leisure facilities, health and social care campuses, data centres and other high-security and utilities sites.


We have a century of experience in perimeter security and have been installing access control systems for decades. From the customer’s or contractor’s perspective, it is hugely beneficial that we install both access control equipment and access points, as we can ensure everything works together exactly as it should, plus we can provide ongoing maintenance as part of our turnkey service.

CCTV is often required as part of a complete perimeter security package and we can supply and install CCTV systems too – and security lighting if need be. We can advise on the best type of fencing and gates to use, as some types can drastically reduce the effectiveness of a CCTV system.

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