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Bifold Gates
Our bifold gates are fast and safe

Bifold gates are often used where there is continual or high levels of vehicle traffic, plus where it is also important that the gate closes after each individual vehicle passes through and then quickly opens again for the next one – so perhaps a staff car park entrance.

Our 100 years plus of innovative design, skilled manufacture and careful installation is what underpins our offer for the relatively new automatic bifold gates. The opening and closing speed of our bifold gates can be as low as 10 seconds, though this will, of course, depends on other factors and in particular the size of the entrance span the gate needs to cover.


Safety is Paramount for Bifold Gates


As with all the automatic gate types we design, manufacture and install at Procter, safety is of course absolutely paramount.  All automatic gates, by their very nature, present a danger if proper measures are not put in place to ensure otherwise.  However and because of the physical speed which bifold gates are designed to open and close at, they arguably present an even greater risk and therefore we guarantee that all our bi-folding gates fully meet or exceed the legal requirements.

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As with all gate types, we have refined and developed our bifold gates to ensure both reliable and safe operation.



    Key Features

    • Open and close in less time than a swing or sliding gate.
    • Useful where security requirements dictated that an entrance should only remain open for a minimum period of time
    • Taking up less space when open, helpful in a solution where there was limited space for the gate to open into
    • Compared to a swing gate, they can more easily cope with gradients as the full span of the gate obviously does not extend to the same length when it opens and closes

    Bespoke Bifold Gates

    , of course, always retaining the basic principle of the bifold gate, our bespoke design service ensures that gates can be designed and manufactured to suit the exact site requirements – both operational and aesthetic.  Over and above the width and height of the gates, key considerations for the design can be:

    • What basic type of material and style will be used and normally to match adjacent fencing e.g. welded mesh, palisade or balustrade
    • What the finish and colour will be – we can powder coat to any RAL colour or create special colours to match corporate branding etc.
    • Whether or not a company or school logo is to be included on the face of the gates – something we can fully handle in-house including using laser-cutting technology

    Related to the bespoke design, is what type of access control system is used and based entirely on operational requirements.  Access control options are numerous and include radio remote control, proximity detectors, number plate recognition, magnetic card reader, induction loop detector, local or remote bush button, CCTV remote control.  These options also apply to sliding gates.

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