Branded Gates

Gates with your logo and colours

A business’s logo is the most obvious and important part of a brand’s visual identity. The gates of virtually any type of industrial, commercial premises or school will be the first thing that visitors, employees or customers will see. At Procter, we believe that our sliding gates and swing gates should not only be designed with their functional purposefully in mind but also that they visually reflect the business they are there to protect.

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Why not make the entrance gates to your premises a visual statement about your business as well as doing the obvious security task? A superbly branded gate can do just that.

We can apply logos to sliding gates and swing gates in a variety of ways, including laser profiled steel sheet to transfers being applied to flat surface areas of the gates. All the logos are accurately reproduced with the correct typeface, proportions and colour.

Colour is as important an¬†element of a visual identity, the gates should also reflect the house colours used elsewhere – e.g. on printed communication, website and vehicle livery. At Procter Contracts, we’re able to exactly match any colours including the non-standard RAL colours.

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