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What are construction site hoardings

Construction site hoardings protect members of the public from the hazards inherent with construction sites and, at the same time, secure the site to prevent trespass and theft.

Different types and styles are available to suit various construction site hoarding requirements. This enables contractors to select the optimum combination of security, longevity and aesthetics while remaining within budget.

Procter Contracts provides a comprehensive, nationwide construction site hoarding service that includes site surveys, consultation, wind loading calculations, supply, installation, next-day repairs, dismantling and removal. If reusable building site hoardings have been erected, we can remove them after the project is completed and store them until they are next needed.

Contractors often prefer to outsource the erection of temporary hoardings, and Procter Contracts is a market leader in this field. We offer an extensive range of different products and an all-encompassing, nationwide service.


The most popular types of hoarding for construction sites are listed below. However, if you need anything else, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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  • Perimeter Fencing Systems

Timber hoardings are the traditional choice and the lowest-priced, but they are the least robust and have the shortest life. Steel hoardings are far stronger, featuring heavy-duty flat or corrugated panels. Aluminium composite hoardings offer an excellent balance between reasonable cost, adequate robustness for most projects and excellent aesthetics. They are also the hoarding of choice when graphics are to be applied, which is increasingly popular today. Our latest development is security hoardings, which are ideal for projects where CCTV is not a deterrent and intruders must be prevented from entering.

To complement our construction site hoardings, we also supply and install gates for vehicular and pedestrian access, plus access controls, lighting and high-security toppings.

What are the key features and advantages of site hoardings?

Construction site hoardings comprise timber or steel posts securely fixed in the ground, with horizontal rails, and panels attached to the post and rails. To increase security and improve aesthetics, hoardings are normally finished with header strips/boards, footer boards and cover strips/boards. Unless access is provided elsewhere, the hoarding also needs one or more gates for pedestrians and/or vehicles, and often an access control system will be installed so authorised persons or vehicles can come and go as required.

Other features that are often installed with the hoarding include viewing panels, information panels, lighting, and high-security toppings such as barbed wire, razor wire or rotating spikes. A commonly specified option today is printed graphics to provide information, enhance aesthetics, promote the development or raise revenues by selling advertising space.

The precise specification depends on the type of hoarding, so see our detailed product pages for more information about timber hoardings, steel hoardings, aluminium hoardings, and security hoardings.

Construction site hoarding requirements and regulations

Under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (usually referred to as CDM 2015), the principal contractor is obliged to plan, manage, monitor and co-ordinate health and safety during a project’s construction phase. Everyone affected by the works must be taken into account, including members of the public. It, therefore, follows that because hoardings protect members of the public from risks associated with the construction site, the principal contractor is responsible for the hoardings. Of course, it is also in the principal contractor’s interest to secure the site against intruders to prevent vandalism, arson, and theft of vehicles, tools and materials.

Most hoardings are at least 2m high. Boards or panels 8 feet high measure approximately 2.44m, so this is often the height used. Security fencing is likely to be higher – often 3m – to make climbing more difficult.

Our work

With over 100 years’ experience in the fencing business, Procter Bros has established an enviable reputation for quality and customer service. Procter Bros, of which Procter Contracts is a department, is still family-owned and run. Because construction site hoardings are provided as a service rather than a supply-only product, our attention to detail and high standards of customer service are especially valuable.

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