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Enhance Security and Convenience with Procter's Sliding Gates
Manual or automatic options for a range of applications.

Features of a Sliding Gate

Our sliding gate systems feature heavy-duty gate operators, providing efficient and reliable operation for controlling vehicular traffic. Whether tracked or cantilevered, our sliding gates offer space-efficient solutions for entrances up to 15m wide.


  • Choose between manual or automatic operation
  • Tracked or non-tracked options available
  • Designed and installed to meet British standards
  • Constructed with heavy-duty materials for durability

Benefits of Choosing Procter’s Sliding Gates:

  • Space-efficient design ideal for narrow entrances
  • Enhanced security with rigid structure and minimal vulnerable points
  • Reliable operation, even in demanding environments
  • Customizable options to suit various applications and aesthetics

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“We’ve been using Procter’s sliding gates for years, and they’ve always delivered on reliability and performance.” – Facilities Manager





        Key Features

        Our sliding gates offer a choice between manual or automatic operation, with tracked or non-tracked options available for added flexibility. They are designed and installed to meet rigorous British standards, ensuring high security and durability. With heavy-duty construction, we provide a wide selection of sliding gate types to suit various applications and requirements. Additionally, explore our gate maintenance service to ensure your investment remains in optimal condition over time.


        • Residential timber and/or metal driveway gates
        • Commercial properties
        • Industrial facilities
        • Utilities
        • Retail establishments
        • Warehouse and storage units





        • Q: Can sliding gates be installed on uneven terrain? A: Yes, our sliding gates can be designed and installed to accommodate uneven terrain, ensuring smooth operation and optimal security.
        • Q: What maintenance is required for sliding gates? A: Regular maintenance, including lubrication of moving parts and inspection of gate components, is recommended to ensure optimal performance and longevity.
        • Q: Can sliding gates be retrofitted with automatic operators? A: Yes, our sliding gates can be retrofitted with automatic operators for added convenience and security. Contact us for more information on automation options.

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