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Pro-glide automatic sliding gates available for manual operation as well, subject to size and weight. Typically used singly or in pairs for controlling vehicular traffic, tracked or cantilevered, usually powered/automated


Our range of sliding gates are probably the most commonly used type of automatic gate in light-duty commercial applications. The slide gate is mounted parallel to the inside of the fence and slides horizontally back and forth across the gate opening. The slide gate uses rollers on the bottom of the gate to support it. These rollers typically ride along a metal track that has been installed along the ground across the gate opening. Slide gates are sometime also called “rolling gates” or “V-track gates”.

Because this type of gate uses rollers that must run along the ground, there can be problems with the rollers getting blocked by snow, ice, or debris. The rollers can also be a source of friction, making the gate operator have to work harder to open and close the gate. Due to these issues, some gate operator manufacturers discourage the use of slide gates.


Procter offers a full range of high-quality automatic sliding gates. So for us, it is simply a question of which style is most appropriate for any individual project or site. Sliding Gates are space efficient and can cover large openings up to 15m each and for even larger entrances a pair of gates can be used to cover an opening of double the size.


Procter Contracts design, manufacture, supply and install a wide range of hardwearing commercial and driveway sliding gate designs. With over 100 years of expert experience our sliding gate products are made from robust and sturdy parts, which are reliable are will hold-up to regular use. We use hardwearing groove wheel track systems, heavy-duty gate wheels, and accurate roller guides. plus many other gate components.


Our types of sliding Gates are generally more secure than swing gates as they retain they rigid structure and retain they closed gate position. Making a sliding gate much more difficult to force open and in particular less likely to be breached by vehicle impact. In addition, the more vulnerable points of a sliding gate are less accessible compared to a hinged gate.  As well as being more secure, sliding gates, arguably, look more secure – so there is an element of the deterrent here too.


Where a roadway surface rises up on the property side of the access points needing a gate, a sliding gate will inevitably be the best (perhaps only) solution available.


Our sliding gates can be designed and installed with a ground track or a cantilever (non-track). Tracked sliding gates are supported on a channel, which are attached to four rollers and guides. For the non-track gates, the gates slide on a sturdy stainless steel metal beam that is attached to the bottom of the gate fixture, through its adjustable rollers.


In-addition we can supply non-automatic sliding gate operators as well as fully automatic gate systems. Be aware that our gate automation products are the most reliable and safest options for opening and closing your sliding gate system.

Deciding which type of sliding gate to use is a major decision. Automatic gates inparticular are expensive to install and require regular gate maintenance service. Sometimes, buying a more expensive gate initially can actually save you money over the long-run due to reduced maintenance costs. Many architects and builders will specify the cheapest gate possible when the premises is being built. The  owner then has to live with the consequences, which can include frequent downtime and costly service repairs. Again Procter Contracts can offer an  array of electric gate maintenance service. Click link for more details.


If you are not sure what type of gate or gate operator to use, it is recommended that you retain the services of a professional engineer or independent security consultant to help you assess your needs and to select the correct product.

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  • Branded gates for coach depot
  • automatic gate
  • Branded cantilever gates
  • Automatic driveway gates
  • Branded sliding gates

The Procter Pro-glide range of tracked and cantilevered sliding gates is ideal for most applications.  So please email to arrange a site visit or just for an initial discussion.





        Key Features

        • choice of manual or automatic sliding gate
        • tracked or non tracked
        • High security
        • designed and installed to full British standards
        • Heavy duty gate
        • wide range of different types of slide gates.


        • Residential timber and/or metal driveway gate
        • Commerical
        • Industrial
        • Utilties
        • Retail
        • Warehouse & Storage Units





        Pro-glide 5Pro-glide 20Pro-glide 30
        Design Technical Specifications
        Robust steel hollow section steel frame
        Hollow section guide postsRectangularCircularBespoke
        Guidepost frame infillheavy duty welded mesh/sheet metal panelsattractive profiled sheet metal panelsBespoke
        Choice of gate frame infill material including heavy-duty welded mesh, palisade or vertical barsBespoke
        Full set of safety features including safe-edge, photocells, warning light etc
        Customer branding options between the guideposts+ on the panel at the leading edge of the gateBespoke
        Optional matching personnel access gate
        Distinctive heavy-duty splayed guidepostsBespoke
        Profiled fascia design with integral warning light and motor coverBespoke
        Inset operator control panel with lightOptionalOptional
        Customer branding options between the guide posts and on the gate leading edge panel

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