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Radio, Audio and/or CCTV remote control
Used in conjunction with the push button system

Radio Remote Control

This is a relatively simple and effective way of achieving access control for automatic gates, with a further option of being able to operate a handheld device – e.g. from a vehicle. Using approved VHF radio frequencies, a radio-controlled device can have an operating range of between 20 and 1000 metres. Handheld devices can take a number of forms, including key-fobs or larger handheld units. Radio remote control for sliding gates is an ideal solution for multiple users and when these users have different reasons for access.

Audio and/or CCTV Remote Control

This system would typically be used where control of the automatic gate was in a remote location, and in conjunction with the above push button system. So when a person or vehicle approaches the gate, security personnel can establish whether or not to allow access by using audio and/or the video obtained via CCTV.

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