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Acoustic sound barriers
Effective solution to excessive and unwanted noise

Acoustic fencing and barriers provide up to 32 Db attenuation and is an effective solution to excessive and unwanted noise for residential, commercial, industrial, distribution facilities, sports venues and railway and highway applications.

The panels we use are specially designed to satisfy stringent highway performance standards. With up to 30 Db attenuation. Tested and compliant with BS EN 1794-1 and BS EN 1794-2.

Procter Contracts provide acoustic fencing in two material specifications: timber and recycled high strength glass reinforced polymers (Pro-acoustic). Both material specifications can be provided in either reflective or absorptive specifications.

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  • Hoppers crossing modular wall
  • acoustic screening
  • acoustic fence
  • timber acoustic fencing
  • Acoustic voguewall

Available in a range of heights and can be installed on the sloping and uneven ground by Procter installation teams throughout the UK. All acoustic fences are CSCS qualified. Matching vehicle or pedestrian swing or sliding gates are available.