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What are Pro-modular acoustic walls?
A very aesthetically pleasing modular noise wall

Pro-modular acoustic walls are noise-reflective noise barriers that reduce intrusive noise or stop noise escaping from your site and becoming a nuisance for neighbours. The modular system comprises steel posts and composite panels, with a range of panels that enable all requirements to be catered for. Robust, long-lasting and with a choice of finish to provide the aesthetic you require, our Pro-modular acoustic walls are extremely versatile and quick to install – and much more cost-effective than bespoke noise barriers.

Our end-to-end service includes site surveys, consultation, design, supply and installation – and the quality of our workmanship is second to none. As an industry-leading specialist in acoustic fencing and barriers, we can advise you on different specifications of acoustic barriers to suit your needs.

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Noise attenuation of up to 28 dB is possible with Pro-acoustic walls, which are constructed from galvanised steel posts and bonded composite panels that reflect noise to stop it being transmitted. Posts, panels and finishes can be customised to suit the site requirements. Unlike conventional acoustic fencing, Pro-modular acoustic walls can act as retaining walls when used with TerraFirm retaining panels.




    Noise attenuation:28 dB
    Posts:galvanised steel with optional finish applied to suit customer’s specification
    Panel dimensions:thickness 75 mm widths 600, 900 and 1200 mm lengths 2400, 3000 and 4200 mm
    Panel construction:EPS (expanded polystyrene) core bonded between fibre-reinforced cementitious sheets
    Panel characteristics:excellent acoustic properties, smooth surface, easy to apply custom finishes, lightweight, impact-resistant, can be cut or profiled in our factory or on site, highly weather-resistant
    Soil retention:750 mm

    Pro-modular acoustic walls are often specified for commercial and industrial premises, residential developments, hospitals and care homes, and schools. We can also use the modules to construct enclosures for air conditioning equipment and waste or recycling bins. In addition, we can design and manufacture matching bespoke gates for vehicles or pedestrians.

    What are the key features of Pro-modular acoustic walls?

    Posts and panels come in a variety of finishes; bright colours are popular for schools, whereas browns and greens might be more suitable for residential applications, pastel colours for hospitals, and more muted tones could be better for industrial sites. Alternatively, posts and panels can be finished in colours to match corporate branding. Cappings can be secured to posts and panels if desired. After installation, Pro-modular walls are virtually maintenance-free, though they are easy to clean if required.

    Pro-modular acoustic walling provides noise attenuation of up to 28 dB. If greater soundproofing is required, we offer other types of acoustic fencing that can be more effective in certain circumstances. Contact us if you want advice on the optimum acoustic barrier for your application.

    The maximum standard height for Pro-acoustic walling is 12 m, though greater heights can be accommodated on request. Panel thickness is 75 mm and post centres are 2440 mm as standard. Pro-modular acoustic walls can withstand high wind loadings, depending on the detailed specification.

    A Pro-modular acoustic wall can retain up to 750 mm of soil (2.5 kPa surcharge live loads maximum) when used in conjunction with TerraFirm retaining panels. This can be particularly useful on sloping sites or where the site has been levelled – such as for a car park or school playground.

    We use our own skilled installation teams, not casual labour, so you can be assured of the highest standards of workmanship and an acoustic wall that will look good from day one and for a very long time. Indeed, Pro-acoustic walls are suitable for projects where a design life of 50 years or more is required, which makes Pro-modular walls a far better long-term option than timber acoustic fencing.

    Our work

    We have been a market leader in the fencing industry for over 100 years and our company has roots dating back to 1740. The business is still family-owned and run, so you can be sure that we always put our customers first and that we have the skills, knowledge and experience to meet your needs for acoustic fencing and walling.

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