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What is timber acoustic fencing?
A popular choice for a wide variety of applications

Timber acoustic fencing is a specialist type of timber fencing that reduces noise transmission. Our timber acoustic fence system is constructed from 22mm thick solid timber boards fixed to timber rails and secured in the ground with galvanised steel posts. Noise attenuation of up to 32dB is possible, making timber acoustic fencing a popular choice for a wide variety of applications. Examples of applications are highways, railways, utility sites, commercial and industrial premises, hospitals and care homes, schools, sports grounds and leisure facilities, and residential developments. Unlike other types, timber soundproof fencing benefits from a natural aesthetic that is often sought by architects and specifiers.

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Standard timber acoustic panels fulfil most project requirements, but we can also create bespoke timber acoustic fencing for use in space-constrained areas such as bin stores or machinery/plant enclosures. Furthermore, we can design, manufacture and install bespoke gates for pedestrian and vehicular access, utilising the same noise-reducing construction to present a consistent aesthetic.







      • Utilities
      • Rings Roads, Highway and Motorways
      • Road, Rail and Tube
      • Airports
      • Retail
      • Industrial Units


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      What are the key features of timber acoustic fencing?

      Timber acoustic fencing is highly effective at reducing noise transmission by up to 32dB. Timber is easy to work with, so we can create custom panels to fit site requirements, and we can install timber acoustic fencing on a level, sloping or undulating ground, to a maximum height of 12m. Even on the largest fences, we take particular care to avoid air gaps through which sound could travel.

      When we install timber acoustic fencing alongside highways, the fencing is fully compliant with Highways Agency standards. Where the primary concern is road traffic noise, the fencing also complies with BS EN 1794-1 (Road traffic noise reducing devices. Non-acoustic performance. Part 1: Mechanical performance and stability requirements) and BS EN 1794-2 (Road traffic noise reducing devices. Non-acoustic performance. Part 2: General safety and environmental requirements).

      All of our timber is responsibly sourced and certified from sustainable UK supplies. The timber is pressure-treated and the steel posts are galvanised, so we are able to give a 25-year guarantee.

      Our high-quality timber acoustic fencing is an attractive, environmentally-friendly solution to the problem of noise pollution, and the fencing provides the additional functions of boundary demarcation and moderate perimeter security.

      Talk to us about your requirements, as we can produce timber acoustic fencing in a variety of aesthetically pleasing styles and designs.

      Timber acoustic fencing achieves most of the noise reduction by reflecting sound waves back off the wooden panels, so the soundproofing improves as fence height increases. The following table shows how noise reduction relates to the fence height and the distance from the noise source.


      Our work

      We can trace our roots back more than 275 years, and we have been in the fencing business for over 100 years. You can, therefore, be sure that we have the experience and expertise to meet your fencing needs.

      A recent project involved the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke timber acoustic fencing, automated gates and pedestrian turnstiles for the new BBC studios in Cardiff Bay. The fencing measured 7m in height and has proven its strength by withstanding storms with wind speeds of up to 100mph.

      The key benefit for the studios is that the acoustic fencing enables scenes to be filmed without intrusive background noise. The timber also provides a pleasing aesthetic for the perimeter of this world-class creative space.

      Another of our acoustic timber fencing projects was for Travis Perkins’ depot in Tilbury, Essex. In this case we designed, manufactured and installed 5m high acoustic fencing, together with automated gates. This was a new-build project and the timescales were particularly tight, yet we met the brief on time and within budget, working closely with Readie Construction.

      Find out more

      If you have a project that would benefit from timber acoustic fencing and matching timber acoustic gates, download our literature or contact us to discuss your requirements.


      Other types of acoustic fencing

      Timber acoustic fencing is not ideal for every situation, so we also offer our economical Pro-acoustic noise barrier system that uses recycled plastic panels to reflect and absorb noise. Alternatively, our Pro-modular Acoustic Wall is an aesthetically pleasing system that is highly effective and very quick to install.

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