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Perimeter Fence, Security Fencing and Mesh Fencing Panels.
Procter Contracts use perimeter fencing systems that are highly versatile, strong & secure

Procter Contracts are fencing contractors, who offer a wide range of perimeter fence systems from mesh fencing, mesh panels, chain link fences, palisade fencing to high security fencing and fence extensions. We design, manufacture and install various types of security mesh fencing panels and extensions, for a wide range of end users across the UK. These include; sports ground fencing, schools perimeter fencing, airport fencing, residential timber fencing, hoarding fencing, and high security commerical & industrial fencing.

There are a number of mesh fencing suppliers – nevertheless, with Procter Contracts, you not only get high-quality mesh fencing but also designed, supplied and installed from a company with over 100 years of experience in the security fencing business.

Our expertise and experience in the manufacture and installation of mesh panels will ensure your location is protected effectively.The purpose of perimeter fencing is to holt unauthorised entry and exits.  Thus all our fencing systems are specifically designed to be fit for purpose. For instance choosing a fence with a welded construction and concealed anti-climb connectors between fence panels and fence posts ensures a robust boundary that’s almost impossible to break through.

For fencing supplies enquires, visit our separate e-shop Procter Fencing Supplies who can quickly supple mesh fencing, security fencing and more products from stock.


“Our range of security & mesh fencing can protect your premise from unwanted intruders, and with over 100 years of experience be sure to be protected by Procter Contracts!

John Procter Managing Director

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Key Features

  • Security fencing
  • Mesh fencing
  • Aesthically pleasing
  • made in the UK
  • fully compliant to Bristish standards & regulations
  • provides low, medium and high boundary security
  • Security fencing can be installed to varies heights and widths.
  • perimeter fencing provided to schools, airports, utility companies,  railways, highways, agriculture, residential & commercial sites.
  • Wide range of perimeter fence systems; link chain, mesh fencing, palisade fencing, v mesh, paladin fence, high security 358 fencing, fence extensions, mesh panels, prison fencing and much, much more..

More Info

An introduction to perimeter security fencing


A security perimeter fence is a structure that circles the perimeter of a site area to prevent unwanted access. A perimeter fence requires secure access points and gates. These should be kept to a minimum, to make it easier to maintain control of site visitors. Nevertheless, in larger premises this is not always possible and additional security gates and barriers may be required to stop site congestion building up.


Furthermore, separate entrances must be installed for vehicles and pedestrians to ensure they are kept at a safe distance, and avoid unnecessary openings. All entrance points should have access to locks to prevent intruders from gaining access.


Procter contracts security fences are frequently made out of horizontal and vertical metal bars that are connected at the top and bottom bar. We design, manufacture and install a number of different types of perimeter fencing ranging from chain link fencing, V mesh security fencing to palisade fencing and electric fencing. In-addition spikes or Barbed wire can be added on the top to aid as an anti-climbing deterrent.