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What are Pro-acoustic recycled noise barriers?
Constructed using steel posts and composite panels

Pro-acoustic recycled noise barriers are available with noise-reflective and noise-absorbing panels to suit different application requirements. The weather-resistant panels are manufactured from fibre-reinforced recycled plastics and mineral wool, and therefore will not rot, shrink or distort. Panels are supported by galvanised steel posts.

Our modular Pro-acoustic system enables noise barriers to be easily adapted to any site, including those with uneven levels. Strong, durable, economical and quick to install, Pro-acoustic noise barriers cost far less than alternatives such as masonry, concrete or earthworks.

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Recycled materials saved from landfill and oceans

Our Pro-acoustic systems are manufactured from high strength reinforced polymers and are the only noise barrier product in the UK that is manufactured using over 95% recycled waste products in its manufacturing process.

Each panel is manufactured from recycled bottles that would have otherwise been sent to landfill all around the UK. This totally negates the use of timber and helps you to develop sustainable construction projects.

What’s more, it means that even when the product has exceeded its expected service life, the materials can be recycled all over again thus creating a circular economy.

We offer a complete turnkey service, from site surveys, design, supply and installation. As an industry leader, we also advise on different specifications of acoustic barriers, and the quality of our workmanship is second to none.

Pro-acoustic recycled noise barriers offer noise attenuation of up to 30 dB, depending on the specification. We can customise posts and panels to suit the site requirements, and we can also design, manufacture and install matching bespoke gates for pedestrian and vehicular access. The modular nature of the system also lends itself to the design and construction of enclosures for a plant, machinery and waste bins.

Typical applications for Pro-acoustic recycled noise barriers include airports, commercial and industrial premises, retail complexes, highways, rail and light rapid transit, and utility facilities.







          Noise attenuation:reflective type 30 dB absorptive type 27 dB
          Posts:H-section galvanised steel with optional finish applied to suit customer’s specification
          Panel dimensions:thickness 45 mm width 225 mm length 3000 mm maximum
          Panel construction:Reflective type: recycled polypropylene (PP) with glass fibre reinforcement; outer skin UV-stabilised self-coloured recycled high-density polypropylene (HDPE) Absorptive type: as above with additional mineral wool infill
          Panel characteristics:excellent acoustic properties, non-porous surface, easy to remove graffiti, lightweight, impact-resistant, can be cut in our factory or on site, resistant to weather and chemicals
          Panel colours:green, brown, grey (custom colours to order)
          Compliance:BS EN 14388. CE marked

          What are the key features of Pro-acoustic recycled noise barriers?

          A major advantage of our Pro-acoustic recycled noise barriers is that the materials of construction are very long-lasting, with almost no degradation in acoustic performance with the passage of time. Panels and posts are virtually maintenance-free; however, graffiti is easy to remove thanks to the non-porous surface finish.

          Standard colours are UV-stabilised green, grey and brown, but custom colours can be specified if quantities are sufficiently high.

          The maximum span is 3000 mm, which is highly efficient for long runs of straight acoustic walling. Alternatively, shorter panels can be used to create curved noise barriers.

          Pro-acoustic recycled noise barriers offer noise reduction of up to 30 dB (Category B3) with reflective panels and 27 dB (Category A3) with absorptive panels. Foam seals between the posts and panels prevent noise from penetrating any gaps, while H-section profiles seal the horizontal gaps between the plank-style panels.

          Our Pro-acoustic recycled noise barriers are manufactured in the UK and comply with the requirements of BS EN 14388 (Road traffic noise reducing devices – Specifications). They resist extreme weather conditions and also withstand attack from aggressive substances such as salt spray and oil. Pro-acoustic recycled noise barriers have a design life of 40 years.

          Panels are built up by alternating lightweight horizontal noise-proof ‘planks’ with H-section seal profiles. This method of construction means on-site installation is quick, easy and quiet, with little or no need for mechanical handling equipment, depending on the finished height required. Compared with alternative noise-proof fencing and walling, the installation can be up to 30 per cent quicker.

          Recycled noise barriers are also attractive for those wanting to see plastics being reused to create a long-lasting functional product. Our Pro-acoustic noise barriers contain no wood products, so customers need not be concerned about the source of any timber.

          We retain our own installation teams, rather than using casual labour, so you can be assured that we will work to the highest standards and adhere to your site health and safety requirements.

          Our work

          We have been a market leader in the fencing industry for over 100 years and our company has roots dating back to 1740. The business is still family-owned and run, so you can be sure that we always put our customers first and that we have the skills, knowledge and experience to meet your needs for acoustic fencing and walling.

          Find out more

          If you would like to find out more about our Pro-acoustic recycled noise barriers for fencing, gates or enclosures, download our literature. Alternatively, contact us to discuss your project in detail.

          Other types of acoustic fencing

          Pro-acoustic recycled noise barriers might not be ideal for your application, but our Pro-modular Acoustic Wall system offers excellent aesthetics while still providing excellent noise attenuation, and our timber acoustic fencing is effective at reducing noise, as well as being highly versatile and benefiting from an inherently natural appearance.

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