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Pro-acoustic noise barrier in recycled plastic
High-performance noise reflective and absorbent barrier system

Environmental Noise Barriers are available in noise reflective and noise absorbent options. Noise and its insidious effects on workplace and home environments are becoming much more widely appreciated. The need to protect people from these effects is beyond question and is now enshrined in codes of practice and design guidelines in industries such as road and rail.

Pro-acoustic provides a wide range of environmental noise barrier solutions for use in infrastructure and industrial developments where noise reduction is of paramount importance. Whatever your project requirements we are confident we can provide you with the ideal solution from our range of high-performance noise reflective and absorbent barrier system.

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Pro-acoustic noise barrier systems are manufactured from high strength reinforced polymers totally negating the use of timber together with its inherent issues within their construction. Our systems consist of highly durable rigid panels that will not warp or shrink, are rot proof and resistant to aggressive environments and compounds such as salt spray and oils all without the need for additional surface treatments throughout their operational life.

Key Features

  • Reflective or Absorptive – Environmental Noise Barriers are available in noise reflective and noise absorbent options. Both options are tested in accordance to European specifications and achieving B3 and A3 ratings respectfully
  • Design Flexibility – Non-standard & raked panels of varying angles can be accommodated for individual projects
  • Safer options as no plant required up to 3.0m high – where contractors are seeking new solutions to increase worker safety/save costs
  • Cheaper – Labour & Plant Saving option
  • Greener – 95% recycled material (Recycled plastic reinforced with recycled fibreglass)
  • Innovative Product – Longer life better whole life costs. 40-year Design Lifespan
  • Easier to install in hard to access areas and daytime install rather than night
  • Quicker install up to 30% saving on install time. On the existing road on schemes can 30% potentially less TM and on rail-less time online closures or night time install
  • Quieter install less impact to residents during the construction stage
  • Graffiti Resistant surface as non-porous material
  • Longer acoustic performance to aid residents
  • UV stabilised


Composite Backing PanelMineral Fibre InfillFixingsAcoustic ReflectanceMechanical performance (TENB45A)
Glass fibre reinforced polypropylene inner core with UV stabilised HDPE outer co-extrusion Mineral Fibre PanelMineral Wool 100 Kg/M3 densityExterior grade screws preferably Anti-VandalCategory B3 according to BS EN1793-2:1998 Intrinsic characteristics of Airborne Sound InsulationMaximum span of 3000mm according to BS EN1794:2003-7 Stability under Wind and Dynamic Loads

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