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Cost-efficient, attractive and environmentally-friendly.

The Procter Eco-fence is a cost-efficient option for when an attractive, environmentally-friendly acoustic solution is required. It is suitable for many applications and typically used for boundary demarcation and applications such as housing developments, schools, and commercial sites.

This reflective barrier is constructed using a lighter 20mm thick board meets minimum planning specification of 10–12 kg/m².

Standard height options are available between 1.8m-3.0m, with additional heights available of up to 9.0m.

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For standard height options the timber boards are fixed to posts and secured in the ground with galvanised steel posts.

For a totally integrated acoustic barrier system Procter can also offer bespoke gate designs to match your individual requirements to further minimise noise.

The Eco-Fence is manufactured in Wales and a proportion of every sale is donated to The Carbon Trust.

Key Features

  • Made in Wales from renewable timber and recycled steel
  • Posts are made from 90% recycled steel
  • Reduces noise through sound reflection
  • Lower labour requirements
  • Quicker build on site
  • More efficient storage and transport
  • Able to be installed on uneven or sloping ground


  • Boundary demarcation
  • Housing developments
  • Schools
  • Commercial sites


Width: 2.4m or 3.0m
Finish material:Timber / wood
Applications:Demarcation, Residential, Schools, Commercial, Low - medium risk

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