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Ornamental Metal Fencing
Ideal for projects where an ornate metal fencing design is required

Procter ornamental metal fencing are designed and manufactured as a bespoke product to suit the client’s perimeter fencing requirements. They are ideal for projects where an ornate ornamental metal fencing design is required, either with traditional or contemporary influences. We can work from an architect’s drawings or a client’s sketched ideas; alternatively, our designers can propose a scheme after consulting with the client.

We either install our ornamental fencing on robust steel posts to present a continuous line of railings or, for a more substantial appearance, panels of decorative fencing can be installed between piers constructed of brick, stone or cast stone.

As a decorative metal fencing, the level of security provided by ornamental fencing railings depends considerably on the height and detailed design features. The issue of security is always discussed with the client unless we are presented with drawings and specifications to work from.

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Typical applications for decorative ornamental fencing include places of worship, schools, sports and leisure facilities, health and social care campuses, and commercial premises. They are also very popular for residential projects ranging from social housing to prestigious developments.



    Ornamental metal fencing – product overview

    Our custom ornamental fencing railings are characterised by a combination of attractive aesthetics and strength. Fabricating the railings from steel and using superior-quality finishes results in a long-lasting and low-maintenance product. Depending on the application requirements, we can produce highly decorative railings that provide a low or medium level of security.

    To complement our ornamental fencing railings we have the in-house capability to design, manufacture and install matching swing gates for pedestrians and automatic gates for vehicular access. In addition, we supply and install access control systems for use with automatic gates.

    As a market leader with over 100 years’ experience in fencing and railings, we offer a full turnkey service that covers site surveys, consultations, design, manufacture and installation. Unlike other suppliers, we only use our own installation teams not subcontractors, so we maintain complete control over quality throughout every phase of the project to ensure the end result meets the highest possible standards.


    What are the key features of ornamental fencing?

    Procter ornamental fencing railings are fabricated from steel as factory-assembled panels for rapid installation on site. Depending on the specification for the railings, the steel could be round, square or rectangular sections, solid or hollow. The steel panels are hot-dip galvanised for long-term resistance to corrosion, then a tough polyester powder coating is applied on top in the client’s choice of colour. For particularly ornate railings, especially those with classical design influences, our craftsmen can pick out particular details in gold and/or other colours.

    In addition to working with straight bars of various sections, we can also use crushed hollow bars, twisted bars and profiled bars. Furthermore, by judicious variation of the processing of adjacent bars, it is possible to create striking visual effects.

    For traditional designs, fencing railings can be manufactured from wrought iron with forged decorative infills.

    Steel posts are usually square or rectangular hollow sections, or round tube is used if that better suits the design of the railings. The posts are normally supported in rapid-setting concrete foundations, and the railings are secured to the posts using tamper-proof security fixings. Ornamental fencing railings are typically between 450 mm and 3 m high.

    A popular option is finials on top of the bars. We offer a choice of standard finial styles but alternative designs can be sourced or manufactured if required.

    We design and manufacture ornamental railings to meet or exceed the requirements of the relevant British Standard, BS 1722 part 9. For example, the height, size and profile of the vertical bars, and the spacing of the horizontal rails are all calculated to minimise deflection and maximise performance.


    Our work


    We have been designing, manufacturing and installing railings, fencing and gates for more than 100 years and have built up a reputation for quality products and outstanding customer service. We are still a family-owned and run business, so you can be in no doubt that we will put your needs first, whatever your requirements for traditional or contemporary ornamental railings and bespoke gates.

    A good illustration of our capability is the work we did for Kensington Palace. We manufactured highly decorated piers, capping and pedestrian gates to match the main Crowther gates that had been erected some 250 years previously.

    Another project in which we had to respect the heritage of the surroundings was the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke railings and gates for the Highbury Square development in North London. Having previously supplied fencing for Arsenal Football Club’s new Emirates Stadium, we were awarded the contract for the railings, gates and other metalwork for the redevelopment of the club’s old stadium.


    Find out more


    If you need bespoke ornamental fencing for your project, download our literature or contact us to discuss your requirements. Or for supply only, please visit our Procter Fencing Supply eshop today!


    Other types of metal fencing and railings


    Procter Contracts can design, supply and install a wide range of metal fencing. Ornamental metal fencing and bespoke gates are a great way to add a unique appearance to your site’s perimeter. However, we also offer a very wide range of economically priced standard railings or, if some areas of the site’s perimeter need higher security, we supply and install palisade fencing or welded wire mesh panel fencing.


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