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Building Site Hoarding Fence Supplied & Installed UK Wide
Boost the level of security around your construction site fencing perimeter with temporary hoarding fence

Hoarding fence secures a site to prevent trespass, theft and also protects members of the public from the hazards inherent with building sites. Procter Contracts can supply all types and styles of building site fencing to suit all of your requirements. This extensive rage and unparalleled expertise means that contractors can select the optimum combination of security, longevity, aesthetics and price. Construction hoarding fence is key to not only concealed and increase security on your building site, but also to protect the public from the building works and hazards going on within the area.

Procter Contracts is a fully accredited and established industry-leader, and have worked on thousands of hoarding fence projects throughout the UK. As such, we can offer an extensive product range of building site fencing in timber hoarding and steel hoarding, and can advise on the most appropriate temporary fencing system. Timber hoarding is the most common form of temporary hoarding fence. It is available in a range of sizes and we can supply it in any colour to suit the client’s needs. Our ethically sourced temporary timber hoarding can easily accommodate gates for pedestrians and vehicles. It is available with in-ground and freestanding options.

We also provide a number of different types of construction site fencing, such as Heras fencing, our inexpensive temporary fencing (metal hoarding), or our high quality aluminium hoarding. These are compatible with our mesh fencing and other accessories and will provide a comprehensive security system for your property site. All of our hoarding fences are designed, manufactured, and installed by Procter Contracts.

Procter Contracts, have unparalleled expertise, providing comprehensive nationwide temporary fencing and hoarding services. our hoarding fence service can include site surveys, consultation, wind loading calculations, supply, installation, next day repairs, graphics, dismantling and removal. And if reusable building site hoarding has been erected, we can also remove them after the project is completed and store them until they are next needed.

Supply and install hoarding fence anywhere in the UK

With offices and teams based throughout the UK we can be ready to commence work at short-notice on:


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  • Timber hoarding for bus station
  • Hoarding
  • aluminium hoarding
  • Timber Hoarding public park

Key Features

  • Temporary hoarding fence
  • 1.8m to 4m high
  • Nationwide Service
  • Available in standard or non-standard colours
  • Anti-Climb Site Fencing
  • Made to Bristish standards
  • Flat-faced system available
  • In-ground or on-ground options available
  • Purpose-built site access options available
  • Metal and/or timber hoarding
  • With or without hoarding graphics
  • Designed, installed and dismantled.