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Fence Extensions
We understand the installation process of fence height extensions inside-out

Procter Contracts supply and install a number of industrial fence extensions that help to increase the height of a fence and overall provides a low cost security deterrent.

Barbed wire, razor wire coils – These are relatively simple ways of increasing security and creating a further visible deterrent.  Security fence extensions can be installed on many types of fencing including mesh panel and palisade fencing.

Rotating Toppings – This additional security feature would rotate if anyone attempted to climb over them, and with the feature itself being cactus toppings, this would be near-impossible.  However, it’s unlikely that anyone will try, so clearly, the deterrent factor is extremely high.

Fence height extensions

Although planning approval isn’t always required for extending the height of security fencing, it’s important to check before committing to an installation. At Procter Contracts, we understand the process inside-out, so please contact us and we will be very pleased to give advice about our wide range of fence extensions.

Other options of fence extensions

Inaddition, there are a number of different options available for security fence extensions including:

  • Razor Wire Coils – the razor wire is strung along the top of the fence as a coil, therefore adding security and acting as a strong deterrent to intruders.
  • Razor tape – this is a simple way of extending security fencing and again acts as a good deterrent.
  • Barbed wire – normally this would be three or more rows of barbed wire.
  • Rotating toppings – can normally be added to existing walls and buildings, and at Procter Contracts, we would always be very pleased to quote for such a project.

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