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What is aluminium hoarding?
Fully trained installers to ensure the highest quality of installation

Aluminium hoarding is an of high-quality construction hoarding for sites where aesthetics are very important or a smooth substrate is required for the applications of vinyl graphics. Furthermore, this product is reusable, which helps to keep costs down in the long run. Procter Contracts’ nationwide turnkey service for aluminium construction site hoardings covers everything you need: site surveys, consultancy, design, wind calculations, supply, rapid installation, electrical connections, maintenance and repair, dismantling and removal. If required, we can also store the hoarding until your next project.

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Thanks to its reusability and suitability for use with vinyl graphics, aluminium hoarding is an excellent choice for applications such as town centre developments incorporating offices and shops, or prestigious residential projects. The clean appearance is also great for hospitals and schools, and in high-traffic areas, the hoarding can be used to display advertising, the income from which can more than pay for the cost of the hoarding.



    What are the key features of aluminium hoarding?


    Aluminium hoarding panels are 2440 mm long by 1220 mm high, supported on steel posts and timber rails. The aluminium panels and steel posts are fully reusable, whereas the timber rails are not normally reused. However, the timber, which is available in C16 and C24 grades on request, comes from sustainably accredited sources.

    Each panel consists of 0.12 mm sheets of aluminium bonded either side of a recycled composite core, resulting in a total thickness of 3 mm. The standard finish is white, but most customers use the panels as a substrate for applying vinyl graphics. While being robust enough for most applications, the panels can be easily cut and profiled in our factory or on-site. When finished with cover strips, header boards and footer boards, the completed hoarding has a very high-quality appearance.

    If requested, we can supply and install additional temporary fencing to raise the height of the hoarding for additional security, either to prevent unauthorised access or to stop construction materials and debris straying from the site onto public areas. Talk to us about your requirements and we will recommend the best options for your circumstances.

    We can also supply and install matching gates for pedestrians and vehicles, and framed viewing panels can be let into the panels. Alternatively, we can provide heavier-duty gates if additional security is desirable for the access points. A popular option is for us to take full responsibility for installing and connecting access controls, lighting and other electrical items. Sometimes lighting is for the benefit of pedestrians outside the hoarding, while at other times it is for those working inside. Lighting can also illuminate the graphics at night.


    Our work


    Our business has been involved in fencing for over 100 years and the company can trace its history back more than 275 years. Rest assured, therefore, that we have the knowledge and experience to meet your needs for aluminium construction site hoardings.

    Furthermore, we always use our own teams of fully trained installers, not casual labour, to ensure the highest quality of installation possible.

    In the event of the hoarding becoming damaged, we can very quickly repair or replace it as necessary to maintain the integrity of your construction site.

    We have an ISO 9001 Quality Management System that covers the supply and installation of construction site hoardings, and numerous approvals, accreditations and pre-qualifications for working on-site as a contractor: PSSA, SMAS, Constructionline, Safecontractor, CHAS, Achilles Building Confidence, CSCS and Builders Profile.


    Find out more


    If you need aluminium hoardings and gates, download our literature or contact us to discuss your project.

    Other types of construction site hoarding

    Aluminium hoarding is a high-quality product but will never be perfect for every project. We, therefore, offer other types of building site hoarding, including reusable steel hoarding and conventional timber hoarding.

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