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What are graphics for construction site hoardings?
Graphics are charged per linear metre

Construction site hoardings are essential for protecting the health and safety of members of the public who might otherwise stray into potentially hazardous areas – and they also secure the site from intruders. However, the ability to apply graphics to hoardings creates an exciting promotional opportunity. Graphics can provide information explaining what is happening at the site, together with photorealistic renderings of the finished project, or graphics can be used as advertising, to promote the developer’s brand, support community groups and local art projects, or simply be a decorative façade during the construction.

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Whatever the purpose, graphics are designed to suit the site’s location for viewing by passing traffic, passengers on public transport, people in nearby buildings, pedestrians or any combination of these. As site hoardings often present a large, unimpeded space, they are an excellent opportunity for displaying bold graphics that are visible from considerable distances, unlike most other promotional opportunities in built-up areas. Compared with alternatives, construction site hoarding graphics is a very cost-effective marketing tool, as the hoarding itself is already accounted for within the project’s temporary works budget.

Traditionally construction site hoardings have been drab, often tatty by the end of the project, and purely functional. Applying graphics can transform the appearance of a building site, from start to completion. If advertising space is sold to third parties, the revenue can more than pay for the cost of the hoardings.




    Installed height:2440 mm (or contact us with your requirements)
    Panels:3 mm Dibond aluminium composite material (ACM)
    Support structure:Options for Timber or Steel posts
    Printing options:• Full-colour, non-fading graphics printed directly on ACM • Full-colour, non-fading graphics printed on anti-vandal vinyl and applied to ACM
    Further options:Cover strips, header boards, footer boards, lighting, viewing portals
    Lifetime of Graphics:5 years minimum

    What are the key features of graphics for hoardings?


    Procter Contracts offers a choice of specifications for hoarding graphics to suit various project requirements. As standard, hoardings are 2440 mm high (8 feet), but contact us if you need a different height because we can normally accommodate any special requirements. Almost any length can be catered for, including short hoardings as might be required around structural pillars or temporary props. Graphics are charged per linear metre.

    Special materials are used to ensure dirt and graffiti are easily removed from the graphics, they are resistant to scuffing by pedestrians, and the colours are UV-stabilised so they will not fade during the hoardings’ lifetime.

    Digitally printed hoarding graphics can be used in conjunction with timber or steel hoardings, with the graphics being printed directly onto 3 mm Dibond aluminium composite material (ACM). Alternatively, the graphics are printed on vandal-resistant vinyl and applied to 3 mm aluminium composite boards.

    Aluminium composite boards are robust, but for this application, they are normally supported on timber construction site hoardings or reusable steel hoardings. The composite material is long-lasting and weather-resistant, so it will not shrink, expand, warp, corrode, rot or delaminate.

    High-resolution, high-quality printing results in superb imagery with vibrant colours and a level of detail that enables information boards to be read by pedestrians standing in front of the hoarding.

    If required, we can supply and install cover strips, header boards and footer boards to complete the hoarding. In addition, lighting can be installed so the graphics remain visible at night-time, and viewing portals can be incorporated, with or without protective steel mesh, so members of the public can watch the construction work in progress.

    A further option is to change the hoarding graphics as the project progresses, presenting fresh imagery and different marketing messages. This can be done very easily, as the underlying structure of the hoarding remains intact while the graphics are replaced.

    Anti-graffiti hoarding graphics

    We can also offer bespoke graphics for any site that can feature anti-vandal, di-bond vinyl wraps. It can be digitally printed in full colour, with an LUV anti-graffiti laminate applied.

    Typically we work with Contractors on sites looking to showcase a new high-profile development or residential scheme, so that dedicated and eye-catching project information can be used within the design.

    Our work


    Procter Contracts is a department within Procter Bros Ltd, a family-owned and run business with a history dating back to 1740. We have been involved in fencing for over 100 years and have built up a reputation for high-quality products and workmanship, backed by outstanding customer service. As a market leader in fencing, we have the knowledge and experience to meet your requirements for construction site hoardings with graphics. Moreover, we have a number of accreditations relating to work on construction sites.

    Our comprehensive service for hoardings includes site surveys, consultancy, design, wind calculations, supply, rapid installation, electrical connections, maintenance and repair, dismantling and removal. To minimise disruption, we can install hoardings at weekends or overnight.

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