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Eco Friendly Hoarding
Pro-Long is the next generation in sustainable and secure site hoarding construction.

Eco Hoarding: Sustainable Site Fencing Solutions

Procter introduces the next generation in sustainable and secure site hoarding construction with our innovative Eco Hoarding solution. Crafted from premium recycled plastic, Pro-Long offers environmentally responsible and durable alternatives to traditional ply or virgin plastics. Our hoarding system is designed for strength, simplicity, and sustainability, providing a cost-effective choice for construction sites.


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Cost-Efficient Lifecycle

roudly manufactured in the UK, Pro-Long reflects our commitment to local craftsmanship and quality. Our hoarding system ensures zero waste with 100% recyclability and reusability, aligning with sustainable construction practices. Featuring a closed-loop design, Pro-Long reduces the carbon footprint of your project while delivering exceptional performance and environmental responsibility.



    Key Features

    • Adaptable Fixing: Our versatile fixing options cater to diverse site conditions seamlessly, ensuring hassle-free installation.
    • Effortless Assembly: Swift assembly, adaptation, and disassembly allow for seamless project adjustments and modifications, enhancing efficiency.
    • Corporate Branding: Pre-finished in colors reflecting your corporate identity, our hoarding system offers a branded aesthetic to enhance your project’s visibility.
    • Flexible Installation: We offer both dug-in and surface-mounted options for versatile, foundation-free installations, adapting to your project’s specific requirements.
    • Procurement Choices: Choose from purchase, short-term, or long-term contract hire options to meet various project needs, ensuring flexibility and convenience.
    • Cost-Efficient Lifecycle: Pro-Long contributes to your BREEAM, CEEQUAL, and Considerate Constructor scores, ensuring longevity and reusability while minimizing total costs over the project lifecycle for economic efficiency.

    By choosing Eco Hoarding for your construction site, you’re not just investing in security and durability — you’re also making a positive impact on the environment. Our sustainable hoarding solution helps reduce carbon emissions, promote eco-friendly construction practices, and contribute to a greener future. Join us in building a better world, one construction site at a time.

    To learn more about our Eco Hoarding solutions and enhance your construction project’s sustainability, contact us today for a consultation.

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