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Hardwood driveway entrance gates
Contemporary and traditional designs of hardwood swing gates and sliding gates

Procter Contracts is pleased to launch a range of high-quality hardwood entrance gates with options for manual or automatic operation.

The range includes many contemporary and traditional designs of swing gates and sliding gates. Designs include open framed constructions as well as fully clad hardwood gates that provide additional privacy to properties.

Quality hardwood gates options include:

Traditional Oak 
Fashions vary, but oak always returns to popularity on its’ proven worth. Oak is exceptionally durable out of doors, even without treatment, this is due to the tannins in the wood which makes it resistant to decay.

A close resemblance to Teak in appearance and durability, and is perfect for situations in which humidity levels change, which is why it is a good choice for outdoors.  Iroko displays a very enticing appearance when oiled.

The worlds’ most stable wood, which has extremely low shrinking and swelling, as well as superb dimensional stability. Accoya is a timber that has undergone a revolutionary chemical modification to create a durable class 1, dimensionally stable, non-toxic and sustainable real wood product. Ideal for painted gates and can be successfully stained to a colour of your choice.

Full installation and automation service by Procter Contracts with either above ground or below ground options as well as for Sliding hardwood Gates.

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        Key Features

        • Hardwood gates
        • Swing or sliding
        • Manual or automatic
        • Hardwearing
        • Secure driveaway gates



        • Residential
        • Commerical
        • health & social care
        • Sports & leisure

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