One-way Flow Plates

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One-way flow plates
Control traffic in and out where traffic must travel in one direction only

Our one-way flow plate solves the problem of controlling traffic in and out of car parks or around sites where traffic must travel in one direction only. Installed in groups, typically six per 3 m wide roadway, the robust flow plates are pushed down as a vehicle passes over in the correct direction, then the weighted plates flip back up after the vehicle has passed. However, if a vehicle attempts to pass in the wrong direction, the flow plates do not deflect out of the way. One-way flow plates are therefore extremely effective at enforcing traffic flows.

One-way flow plates are manufactured from steel, galvanised to provide protection from corrosion, and finished with a tough, high-visibility yellow paint. A heavy-duty rubber buffer on the reverse of the plate minimises noise.

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Sets of one-way flow plates are installed by casting in concrete and we recommend that they are used in conjunction with speed ramps and warning signs. They are not suitable for use where HGVs are present.




      Key Features

      • All fabrication of galvanised steel construction
      • Top plates are painted finish
      • Heavy-duty rubber buffer
      • Ragged for casting in only


      Heavy duty steel box 300x200x200mm deep
      Flap and top of heavy duty steel plate 12.5mm thick
      Heavy duty hinge diameter 19mm
      Total weight 15kg

      Additional information

      • It is recommended that One-Way Plates are used in conjunction with speed ramps.
      • Not suitable for HGV use.
      • It is strongly recommended that signs warning of the use of One-Way Flow Plates are used.

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