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Speed ramps
Highly effective way to control traffic speeds

Our modular speed ramps are a simple, highly effective, durable and maintenance-free solution.

Manufactured from heavy-duty recycled PVC with integral white reflectors, the speed ramps are supplied in packs of yellow and black inner sections and a pair of shoulder sections. Each pack comprises sufficient sections to suit the customer’s roadway width. The speed ramp is easy and quick to install by you, your contractor or our team of installers.

We offer two heights of speed ramp: the 50 mm ramp is designed to reduce vehicle speeds to approximately 10 mph, while the 75 mm ramp slows vehicles to approximately 5 mph.

Note that our speed ramps are suitable for use by HGVs weighing up to 44 tonnes but they should not be used by solid-tyred vehicles such as forklift trucks.

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      Key Features

      • Made from heavy-duty recycled PVC
      • Each segment includes white reflectors which provide excellent night and bad weather visibility
      • Both ends and inners are available in black and yellow
      • Segments are sold separately to accommodate any road width
      • All bolts, fixings and reflectors are included with the ramp segments (bolts supplied are recommended for concrete fixings)
      • Also suitable for HGV’s up to 44 tonnes
      • Not suitable for solid tyred vehicles such as solid tyred folk lift trucks


      Inner sectionShoulder
      Length 500mmLength 210mm
      Width 420mmWidth 420mm
      Height 50mm/75mmHeight 50mm/75mm

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