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Lamp post protectors
Used in car parks and vehicle entrances

Lamppost protectors are often used in and around car parks and vehicle entrances, simple protection is required for columns, pipes and lamp posts etc. The Procter Lamp Post Protector is ideal for busy car parks, designed for a major supermarket chain which will shield lamp posts and other fragile car park furniture from vehicle damage.

Manufactured from galvanised mild or stainless steel, the protector sits at a car’s bumper height and is designed to withstand the knocks and bumps that will inevitably occur.

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We can take into account the appearance of other street furniture items in the vicinity. Available ragged only, these barriers can be coated in any RAL colour as required. Sold singularly.



    Key Features

    • Manufactured from galvanised mild steel or stainless steel (grade 304 as standard)
    • Galvanised mild steel can be coated in any BS or RAL colour (codes must be specified at the time of order)
    • 76mm diameter
    • Available ragged only


    715mm above ground
    400mm below the ground (ragged only)
    460mm overall width
    3mm wall thickness

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