Corner Protection Hoops

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Corner protection hoop
Provides protection for corners and other vulnerable areas

The Corner Protection Hoop provides protection for corners and other vulnerable areas on busy industrial and commercial sites and is suitable for external and internal applications.  Manufactured from mild steel and galvanised for longevity, the Corner Protection Hoop is highly durable.  Available in 1000mm and 500mm heights they can be used to protect a wide range of locations from vehicles of different sizes.

Corner Protection Hoops are available in galvanised, galvanised and coated, and stainless steel finishes.

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Optional reflective tape can be added to maximise visibility.




      Key Features

      • Ragged for casting in as standard, flanged for bolting down is available on request (bolts extra).
      • Made of mild steel or stainless steel on request.
      • Galvanised finish as standard.
      • A variety of colour coated finishes are available on request (extra).


      Height above ground - 910mm
      Outside width - 700x700mm
      Inside width - 76mm
      Tube diameter - 250mm
      Below ground - 250mm

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