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Column and pipe protectors
Protect vulnerable corners and columns at bumper height

Procter column and pipe protectors are highly durable, manufactured from mild steel and galvanised to ensure longevity.  They are functional and robust in design, incredibly hardwearing. Especially ACP5 column protectors provide perfect low-level protection for vulnerable columns from any vehicular damaage across a range of commercial and industrial environments.

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Suitable for both internal and external use, optional reflective tape can be added to maximise visibility.  Supplied ragged as standard, flanged versions are also available.




      Key Features

      • 3 bolts are required for bolting down


      FinishGalvanised (mm)Powder coated (mm)Stainless steel (mm)
      Tube48 O/D60 O/D80 O/D
      Flat50 x 1060 x 1080 x 10

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