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Padlocked and hinged parking posts
Extremely durable and reliable design

Procter range of parking posts solves the headache of managing to park in residential and other privately owned car parks. All of our posts are durable and reliable, and the wide choice means we have something to suit every application.

Depending on your requirements, we can supply and install padlocked parking posts, locking hinged parking posts and stealth parking posts that retract to be flush with the surrounding surface. In addition, our sprung parking posts mark the edges of parking areas; the post is deflected if nudged, yet it returns to the upright position when the vehicle moves away.

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Most of our parking posts are available in a choice of finishes. Galvanising provides long-lasting protection against corrosion, and we offer an additional high-visibility yellow polyester powder coat, or customers may specify other BS or RAL colours.

Available in galvanised and galvanised and coated finishes, and is available either ragged for casting into concrete or flanged for bolting down.




      Key Features

      • For colour coated finished RAL number must be specified at the time of order.
      • Also available in stainless steel finish (grade 304).
      • Locks are non-ferrous & rust free.
      • Operational lift up weight for Hinged Posts is 4kgs.
      • All mild steel posts are galvanised finish as standard. (Except padlocked)
      • 2 bolts are required for bolting down. (Padlocked & Hinged)
      • 3 bolts are required for bolting down. (Sprung boundary)
      • Chain and eyelets available extra. (Sprung boundary)
      • For master suited posts, each post is randomly keyed. (Padlocked & Hinged)

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