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Trolley Shelter
Keep trolleys dry and organised at all times

Trolley shelters and parks were simple and functional affairs, with little or no attention paid to their aesthetic value.  However, as supermarket chains came under pressure from planners to erect buildings, we saw a change in approach to the humble trolley corrals and trolley ports, as they are also referred to in the industry.

The standard Procter Trolley Shelter will keep shopping trolleys dry and organised at all times.  With a contemporary modular design, this shelter is designed to fit within a standard car parking space.  Extension bays can be added to the shelter to increase the storage available as required.

Manufactured from mild steel and 5mm UV stabilised PETG roofing, all of our standard trolley shelters are galvanised to ensure their longevity.

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Shelters can be colour coated as required in any BS or RAL colour.



    Key Features

    • A single shelter is suitable for approximately 36 standard trolleys
    • Framework 60mm x 40mm mild steel hollow section.
    • Galvanised as standard.
    • Can be colour coated (BS/RAL codes must be specified at the time of order)
    • 5mm PETG sheeting
    • Available ragged only
    • Supplied in component form for installation on site
    • 20 x 16mm anchor bolts are required per shelter for bolting down


    Overall height: 2233mm
    Overall width: 2208mm
    Overall length: 4221mm
    Lower rail: 750mm above ground

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