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New range of Pro-glide telescopic gates

cantilever galvanised palisade gate

Procter Contracts is launching a range of Pro-glide Telescopic Gates that can be supplied as standard products, customised or fully bespoke.

Procter Contracts is launching a new range of Pro-glide Telescopic Gates, complementing the sliding, swing and bi-folding gates that the company also offers. The new telescopic gates are ideal for applications requiring wide access for vehicles but where there is only limited space available for the open gate. As with its other gates, Procter can customise the telescopic gates to suit customers’ needs in terms of height, width, infill, aesthetic features and access controls – or create fully bespoke gates. All of the gates are designed and manufactured to comply with relevant standards and are CE marked in accordance with the Machinery Directive to ensure that they are, in fact, safe.

The new Pro-glide Telescopic Gates are closely related to the tracked versions of the Procter Pro-glide sliding gates but with a number of changes to achieve the telescoping effect. Furthermore, because of the inherent differences between sliding and telescopic gates, the telescopic gates typically incorporate more safety measures to protect people in the vicinity of the gate during opening and closing. Single telescopic gates can be supplied for openings of up to 14m or a pair of gates can be used for openings of 28m maximum width. Despite the large openings that can be catered for, the multiple-leaf construction means telescopic gates open and close relatively quickly, so this type of gate is attractive for applications where the access must be secured after every vehicle movement.

PDF drawings are available to download (and CAD files can be provided on request) for telescopic gates with infills of palisade, balustrade, welded wire mesh and high-security 358 welded wire mesh. Of course, architects and specifiers can opt for alternative infills to suit particular security or aesthetic requirements; indeed, one customer recently specified laser- cut panels that match the adjacent bespoke fencing panels for a very striking visual appearance.

Depending on the application, the new Pro-glide telescopic gates can be finished in long-lasting hot-dip galvanising or, where aesthetics are important, powder coated on top of the galvanising and/or clad with timber to ‘soften’ the appearance in applications such as residential developments. Other options include laser-profiling to incorporate logos, company names or abstract designs. Support structures and fencing around the runback area can also be customised.

Procter Automatic Gates takes full responsibility for all aspects of its telescopic gate projects, including site survey, design, manufacture, installation and commissioning. Most importantly, the company also ensures the gate is designed, installed and equipped with appropriate safety devices to ensure it is not hazardous. Procter Automatic Gates is a Safety Assured installer, certified in accordance with the Door & Hardware Federation’s Powered Gate Group stringent requirements, and takes all necessary steps to ensure every gate is safe before Procter’s experts undertake an inspection and assess the safety prior to the CE mark Ref: PR 167 Telescopic gates being affixed in compliance with the Machinery Directive. The company also offers a complimentary first service for every gate it installs, and maintenance contracts are offered so customers can be sure that the gates are properly maintained and remain safe to use.

More information about Pro-glide Telescopic Gates, including photographs, case studies, drawings and a video, can be found on the website. To discuss particular requirements for telescopic gates or, indeed, other types of powered gate, use the Live Chat facility on the website, telephone us or email [email protected].

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