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New online guide to powered automatic gates

Procter Sliding Gates has published a new guide to automatic gates on its website. This useful resource for specifiers, architects and buyers explains the benefits of automatic sliding gates and swing gates, provides important information about gate safety, and directs readers to further online resources for greater detail about specific topics.

Unlike many other gate suppliers, Procter provides a comprehensive service to survey, design, manufacture and install powered and automated gates, so customers can get unbiased advice about the optimum type of gate for any application, whether that is a swing gate, tracked sliding gate or cantilevered sliding gate. Moreover, Procter offers a range of cost-effective standard gates or can accommodate any level of customisation, ranging from custom colours and logos, or gates manufactured to architects’ designs.

The new online resource explains that manual operation is often adequate for small gates, but larger and heavier gates need to be powered; automation provides for remote operation, enhanced security through better access control, and operational efficiencies.

As the guide says, automatic gates are applicable to a wide variety of premises, including private houses, apartments, industrial and commercial sites, utilities, and high-security facilities such as prisons, airports and military establishments. The choice of gate type, infill and automation will be specified to suit the current and anticipated future application requirements.



    Another important subject covered in the online guide is gate safety. Automatic gates have large and powerful motors, so it is vital that suitable measures are put in place to safeguard users and members of the public, including children. The guide explains how Procter undertakes a risk assessment then installs all necessary measures to comply with the latest standards and guidance from the HSE. Because powered gates are classified as ‘machinery’ the gates are also CE marked in accordance with the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

    Other topics included in the online guide to automatic gates are quality assurance, installation and maintenance.

    Follow the link to view the new online guide to automatic gates or contact the company to discuss specific projects by email [email protected]

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