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High-security perimeter protection in form of fences, gates 

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High-security perimeter protection from Procter Contracts

With over 100 years’ experience in fencing and gates, Procter Contracts possesses unrivalled expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of high-security perimeter protection in the form of fencing, gates and associated measures such as access controls, electric pulse systems and sophisticated monitoring systems.

Unless the customer provides a detailed specification, every project undertaken by Procter Contracts starts with a technical consultation and site survey. This helps to establish what type of fencing and additional security features are appropriate to counter the threat and, where appropriate, take into account issues such as aesthetics.

Depending on the outcome of the consultation and survey, it is likely that high-risk premises will require high-security mesh panel fencing or high-security W-section palisade fencing. Where gates are required, whether hinged or sliding, powered or manually operated, the specification for the infill can be the same as the fencing or different. Additional physical security can be provided by means of toppings on the fencing and razor wire at ground level; if there is a risk of burrowing, fencing material can be buried in a formed concrete cill.

For high-security perimeter protection, electric pulse systems are popular today, both on new installations and for upgrading existing fences. Procter Contracts is an authorised installer of the Harper Chalice PulseSecure and PulseSecure PROTECTOR systems, with each PulseSecure system being configured to suit the application. Harper Chalice products are Home Office trialled and approved to the highest ratings.

In addition, Procter Fencing Systems can install a variety of electronic surveillance measures – such as the Harper Chalice FenceSecure fence-mounted perimeter intrusion detection system – as well as acoustic and radar cables, infrared detection, virtual fences and CCTV. Of course, if selected areas on a site do not warrant such high levels of security, Procter Fencing Systems can supply and install alternative types of fencing and gates that are more cost-effective for these applications.

Always using its own teams of trained installers, Procter Fencing Systems has installed high-security perimeter fencing and gates at airports, ports, prisons, utilities and government premises. Customers appreciate the high quality of the products and installation, the comprehensive technical support and the outstanding level of customer service provided by Procter Fencing Systems. The company is also a Secured by Design Licence Holder and, for the installation of prison fencing, on the official Ministry of Justice Compliant contractor List for Fencing.

Procter Fencing Systems has published a ‘Guide to High-Security Perimeter Protection’ a ‘Fencing Selector’  and two White Papers entitled ‘Safety requirements for powered sliding gates’ and ‘How to specify sliding gates’ , copies of which are available as free downloads. 

Alternatively, contact Procter Fencing Systems now to discuss any requirements for high-security perimeter protection. Telephone or email  [email protected].

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