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Castle Park View



Project Type

Design, Manufacture & Installation


South West

The Background

Castle Park View is located to the south east of Castle Park, which is Bristol’s largest urban green space. Positioned on the site of a medieval castle and the culverted River Frome, with close proximity to the main A4044, Cabot Circus shopping centre and nearby offices, the project presented a complex set of constraints and considerations.

The building itself included 375 new homes, within a structure book-ended by a 26-storey tower and a 10-storey block.

The Solution

With our extensive expertise and capabilities, we successfully tackled the diverse requirements of the Castle Park View project. We provided a comprehensive package of custom-designed and installed solutions, including:

  1. Bespoke Fencing and Gates: Our team designed and installed high-quality fencing and gates that seamlessly integrated with the architectural aesthetics while ensuring security and privacy.
  2. Street Furniture: We supplied and installed a range of street furniture items such as seating, planters, and cycle pavilions to enhance the functionality and visual appeal of the project.
  3. Screening and Louvres: We offered customized screening and louvre solutions to optimise privacy, mitigate noise, and provide a comfortable living environment for the residents.
  4. Cladding and Signage: Our expertise extended to the installation of cladding solutions, delivering a visually cohesive appearance to the building. We also provided signage to ensure effective wayfinding and communication throughout the premises.

The Result or Feedback

By leveraging our capabilities and experience, the Castle Park View project achieved remarkable results:

  1. Enhanced Aesthetics: Our customised solutions seamlessly blended with the architectural design, elevating the overall visual appeal of the development.
  2. Functionality and Comfort: The inclusion of street furniture, screening, and louvres contributed to creating a comfortable and livable environment for the residents, promoting their well-being.
  3. Security and Privacy: Our bespoke fencing and gating systems provided a secure and private setting for the residents, offering peace of mind within a bustling urban environment.
  4. Wayfinding and Communication: The installation of clear and informative signage facilitated efficient navigation throughout the premises, enhancing the overall user experience.