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Architectural louvre screen panels
Conceal unsightly equipment and prevent intruders, whilst enhancing a building exterior.

Louvre screens and louvre fencing panels can be used in industrial and commercial settings to help improve the aesthetics of a building.

Screening and Security

They are often used on the top of buildings to conceal unsightly heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. They are also used to provide a secure way to limit the visibility of the premises and prevent people from intruding. Not only that, but they also provide protection from water ingress without preventing airflow to equipment and machinery.

Procter Contracts have manufactured and installed bespoke steel louvres fencing panels within the UK for many years. Our dedicated support team have the experience and design expertise to assist you on your next project.

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Our louvre system combine exceptionally stylish and modern hard-wearing steel powder-coated panels. They are designed to protect high-level security sites including hospitals, airports and corporate developments.

Available in a range of options

The range of options allow you to customise the privacy louvres to meet specific security needs. Panels are available in any height and with different visibility levels. We offer a 80/20 option that provides 80% screening and 20% visibility, whilst the 100/0 option provides 100% total screening with zero visibility.

We can design, manufacture and install a complete package of screens, posts, and panels that will be engineered to calculated specifications. Our louvre screens are all constructed from robust steel suitable for ground and street-front locations as well as rooftop and elevated situations.

Our Louvre screens are made to order – custom-size panels are nestled together to create a screen of any height for a wide variety of applications such as wall cladding, car park screens, compounds, plant screen louvres, ventilation grilles, balconies and balustrades, bin stores and perforated louvres for shutting out direct or excessive sunlight.



    Key Features

    • Aesthetically pleasing: clean & simple lines
    • Versatile screening: Conceal, screen, wall cladding, prevent intruders,
    • Anti-climb properties, ventilation and daylight control exposure
    • Hot-dipped galvanised robust hard wearing steel
    • Modular fencing system with 20% or 0% visibility
    • Made to measure and available in bespoke sizes
    • Help sreduce the “Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment” (LVIA) which forms part of the Planning process.
    • Popular with architectural designers


    • Hospitals
    • Commercial
    • Education
    • Airports
    • Car-Parks
    • Any screening application
    • Available in any RAL colour (including metallic)
    • Matching Gate system


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