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Padlock, ground lock and telescopic retractable posts
In a wide range of sizes

Procter retractable posts are a simple, elegant and cost-effective solution, if you need to prevent vehicular access but occasionally allow free passage, perhaps for maintenance. They are also popular for preventing unauthorised parking on private driveways.

We supply and install a choice of styles to suit every requirement, and all models are manufactured from heavy-gauge steel with a galvanised finish for a long, reliable and maintenance-free life. Some of the round styles are optionally available with a stainless steel post.

Our range includes locking retractable posts, retractable bollards, padlockable retractable posts, ground locking retractable posts and telescopic retractable posts. You can choose from round or square posts in various heights.

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All retractable posts are manually operated, and the larger sizes benefit from a lift-assist mechanism that makes it easier to raise the post from the retracted position.




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