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Procter Contracts is now a Secured by Design fence installer

Procter Contracts is able to install most Secured by Design perimeter security products as this not only demonstrates the high quality of Procter’s service but also makes it easier for developers and contractors to ensure that SBD-accredited products are properly installed in order to achieve the intended standards of crime-prevention.

The scope of Procter’s installation service covers the installation of Secured by Design fencing products including standard and high-security grades of palisade fencing and Pro-Sure 358 welded Mesh panel fencing, Pro-twin mesh panel, steel railings, and timber acoustic fencing. This gives architects and specifiers a broad choice of Secured by Design fencing systems for applications ranging from homes, offices and schools/colleges to industrial, commercial and utilities premises.

In addition, Procter Fencing Systems is accredited to install Secured by Design accredited perimeter security measures such as fence-mounted intrusion detection systems and telescopic security posts. All of these products and the fencing systems have been tested and approved by UKAS-accredited test houses as being compliant with the standards specified by the SBD scheme. Secured by Design (SBD) is an official police security initiative that aims to reduce crime through effective environmental design. The scheme also calls for the installation of fences and other security products that meet Police-approved standards. More information is available at www.securedbydesign.com.

Established in 1989 by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), SBD is now widely recognised within the building industry and is increasingly being listed in tenders as a mandatory requirement. Specifying SBD-accredited products helps developers to demonstrate that they are taking appropriate steps to reduce crime and meet new planning requirements. Consumers and specifiers are also recognising that SBD is a simple way to identify products that are effective in preventing crime, as the SBD logo is the only symbol guaranteeing national Police approval of the installation of products providing a realistic level of resistance to criminal attack.

More information about Procter Fencing Systems is available, email [email protected]

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