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Video demonstrates easy-to-use risk assessment calculator for automatic gates

Procter Contracts has produced a video walkthrough of its free Gates Risk Assessment Calculator to demonstrate how easy it is to use, whether the gate in question is still being designed, part-built or complete, and whether it is a new gate or one that has been in operation for some time.

The Risk Assessment Calculator is based on a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, though no prior knowledge of Excel is required. Look-up tables and extensive checklists are provided; users simply enter information relating to the gate then, referring to the look-up tables, select appropriate values for ‘Likelihood of Occurrence’, ‘Frequency of Exposure’, ‘Degree of Possible Harm’ and ‘Number of Persons at Risk’. A Hazard Rating Number (HRN) and Risk Level are calculated automatically for each identified hazard, with colour coding indicating where further action should be considered. The video walkthrough shows how hazards are assessed and, if necessary, reassessed after risk reduction measures have been implemented. 



    Powered gates and automatic gates are classed as machinery, so new gates must be CE marked to indicate their compliance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. An important standard when CE marking machinery is EN ISO 12100:2010 (BS EN ISO 12100:2010 in the UK), ‘Safety of machinery. General principles for design. Risk assessment and risk reduction’. It is, therefore, all but essential to carry out a risk assessment in line with the requirements of EN ISO 12100:2010 when working on new automatic gates, and Procter’s Gates Risk Assessment Calculator is based on this standard to help make the process as straightforward and reliable as possible. When assessing existing gates, undertaking a risk assessment in line with BS EN ISO 12100:2010 represents best practice. Note that gates in workplaces may need to comply with requirements in the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, the Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1992, and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER 98).

    The trade body for installers of automatic gates in the UK is the Door and Hardware Federation, which set up a Powered Gates Group in response to requests from the HSE (Health and Safety Executive). Working on conjunction with the HSE, the Powered Gates Group has developed a detailed Guide to Gate Safety Legislation and Standards, plus the Group has created a comprehensive training and certification scheme for installers. Procter Automatic Gates is one of the first such accredited Safety Assured installers, with five individuals being awarded the diploma that certifies them for inspecting and assessing the safety of powered gates. Drawing on experience gained from investigating a number of accidents involving automatic gates, the HSE has issued guidance that in some respects exceeds the measures outlined in the current applicable standards. All of the current HSE and DHF guidance has been taken into account in the Gates Risk Assessment Calculator. In particular, the Calculator indicates the types of control measures that are appropriate under various conditions of use.

    Watch the video walkthrough here or go to Free Downloads to download the Gates Risk Assessment Calculator free of charge. To discuss particular projects or any aspects of automatic gates, telephone us or email [email protected]

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