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New Edition of Fencing for Schools

The specifier’s guide to perimeter security fencing for schools

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New edition of Fencing for Schools, the specifier’s guide to perimeter security fencing for schools

Procter Contracts, one of the UK’s leading specialist manufacturers and installers of fencing and gates, has published a new edition of ‘Fencing for Schools,’ the specifier’s guide to perimeter security fencing for schools. This second edition of the popular publication reflects the new Ofsted guidance for inspectors, introduced in January 2010, plus it contains updated contact details for sources of further information, and the list of British, European and International standards relating to security fencing has been revised in line with recent changes to the standards.

An additional section in the new edition of the guide explains the Secured by Design (SBD) scheme, an official police security initiative that aims to reduce crime through effective environmental design. The guide shows how the use of SBD-accredited fencing products and installers can help to demonstrate that appropriate steps are being taken to reduce crime.

Specifiers often do not appreciate how complex the subject of perimeter security has become. Furthermore, individual projects all have their own needs so must be considered on a case-by-case basis. In terms of fencing, there is a fine balance to be struck between providing adequate security and maintaining an attractive learning environment. Furthermore, fencing has to be considered alongside other security measures, as the optimum type of fencing will depend, to some extent, on the other measures specified. Additional factors to consider range from local planning requirements and standards, through to costs and aesthetics.

‘Fencing for Schools’ explains and illustrates the options available, presents the advantages and limitations of each, and helps readers to select fencing and gates that will achieve the necessary level of security at an acceptable cost and without compromising other areas such as aesthetics.

To request a free copy of ‘Fencing for Schools’, the specifier’s guide to perimeter security fencing for schools, send an email to [email protected]. Alternatively, a PDF version is available directly from the ‘Free Downloads‘ section of the Procter Contracts website.

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