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Hoardings Supply and installation

Supply and installation of construction site hoardings 

Steel Site Hoarding HD006
Supply and installation of construction site hoardings

Procter Fencing Systems is expanding its service to survey, supply and install construction site hoardings. Customers can choose from timber or steel hoardings and, after use, Procter can also dismantle and store the hoardings until they are required for the next project.

With construction companies tending to sub-let more work today, Procter Fencing Systems is expanding its construction site hoarding service. The company can survey the site, source the hoarding and install it faster and quicker than the contractor could, and with no risk of comeback to the contractor. Included within the overall service, if required, is the supply and installation of vision panels, gates for pedestrian and vehicular access, lighting and access

controls (keypads, for example). Furthermore, should the hoarding be damaged during use, Procter Fencing Systems can perform next-day repairs to minimise risks to the safety of personnel and site security. Another option is for Procter Fencing Systems to dismantle the hoarding when it is no longer required, remove it from site and store it securely on behalf of the contractor. When it is required for the next project, the hoarding can be re-erected at minimal cost.

Depending on the nature of the project and its location, the hoarding may require additional security measures. If so, Procter Fencing Systems can install hoardings that are taller than the standard height of 2.4m and/or fit toppings such as barbed wire, ‘dragon tail’ effect toppings or electric pulse fencing. While conventional fasteners are normally sufficient, tamper-resistant fasteners can be specified. If the hoarding needs to be installed on sloping ground, infill panels can be made up to close any gaps beneath the hoarding.

Timber hoarding is usually constructed from plywood, though an alternative is Smart Ply Plus that is supplied with a pre-applied protector undercoat to minimise the time required for painting the hoarding after installation. Timber hoardings can either be painted in the colours specified by the contractor or left ready for roll-printed graphics to be applied.

Tougher and longer-lasting, steel hoarding is particularly suitable where long-term costs are a concern and where reuse is anticipated. Both panels and posts can be pre-finished in the contractor’s choice of colour, with the polyester powder coat applied over the top of a galvanised finish. Steel hoarding can either be supplied on demountable posts for flexibility and ease of movement around the site, or fitted to timber or steel posts for additional security.

Whatever your requirement for construction site hoardings, contact Procter Fencing Systems for a competitive quote and an exceptionally high standard of customer service. Email [email protected] 

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