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Procter Automatic Gates supports Gate Safety Week 2016

Procter Contracts, a UK leader in the design, manufacture and installation of automatic swing, sliding, telescopic and bi-folding gates, is supporting Gate Safety Week (10-16 October 2016). This year the initiative from the Powered Gate Group of the Door and Hardware Federation (DHF) is promoting the message ‘Safe gates save lives!’ to raise public awareness of the dangers of using poorly installed or maintained powered gates. The ultimate goal is to prevent any further deaths or injuries attributable to powered gates.

Safety is the top priority for Procter Contracts, a division of Procter Bros Ltd. As a founding member of the DHF’s Powered Gate Group (PGG), Procter has been at the forefront of the organisation’s drive to increase the safety of automatic gates. Procter was one of the first companies to attain PGG Safety Assured installer status and five members of staff are certified to inspect and assess gate safety.

For Gate Safety Week 2016, Procter Automatic Gates will be offering free copies of its popular Powered Gates Risk Assessment Calculator for undertaking risk assessments on new and existing sliding and telescopic gates. The Risk Assessment Calculator is based on BS EN ISO 12100:2010, the standard for machinery risk assessment and risk reduction, and is powerful yet user-friendly. After entering appropriate values for each hazard’s Likelihood of Occurrence, Frequency of Exposure, Degree of Possible Harm and Number of Persons at risk, the Risk Assessment Calculator generates a Hazard Rating Number and Degree of Risk so the user can decide whether the action is required. The Calculator also has a ‘Type of Operation’ worksheet containing a table similar to that in BS EN 12543 showing recommended gate controls.

Throughout Gate Safety Week, Procter Automatic Gates will also be promoting its free Specification Checking Service for architects and specifiers planning to use powered gates. Designs, specifications and gate usage information can be submitted to Procter Automatic Gates, whereupon the company’s experts assess whether the gate meets the requirements of the Machinery Directive for CE marking and whether the gate complies with the Powered Gate Group’s Gate Safety Guide.

In addition to the Risk Assessment Calculator and Specification Checking Service, Procter Contracts will also be offering free White Papers relating to gate safety, as well as a free guide to gate safety legislation and standards.

To discuss any aspect of powered gate safety or gate safety, use our Live Chat facility.  Alternatively, telephone us or email [email protected]

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