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Procter Automatic Gates provides a free powered gate specification checking service for architects and specifiers specifying new sliding gatesswing gatesbi-folding gates or telescopic sliding gates for installation in the UK.  When a design and specification is submitted, together with information about gate usage, Procter’s experts will check that the proposed powered gate complies with all applicable gate safety standards, guidance from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), the DHF Guide from the Powered Gates Group of the Door & Hardware Federation (DHF), and whether he gate could be issued with a Declaration of Conformity and be CE marked in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC (which is a legal obligation for powered gates being installed in Europe).

Aside from the legislative compliance issues, having the gate specification checked early in a project can help to avoid the need for modifications and upgrades during or after the installation that could prove costly and delay completion.  And, of course, the powered gate specification checking service gives architects, specifiers and end users greater confidence that the gate will, in fact, be safe to use.

Procter Contracts is a founding member of the Door and Hardware Federation’s Powered Gate Group that was established in response to requests from the Health & Safety Executive.  Since its formation, the Powered Gate Group has worked with the HSE to write a Guide to Gate Safety Legislation and Standards, and has also developed a comprehensive training programme that will become mandatory for all members of the group.  Procter Automatic Gates was one of the first companies to attain the status of a Safety Assured Installer, with a total of five member of staff completing the training programme and being awarded their Safety Diploma that qualifies them to inspect and access the safety of powered gates.  Procter Automatic Gates also designs, manufactures and installs over 100 powered gates each year, so the company is in an ideal position to offer this powered gate specification checking.

To use the free powered gate specification checking service or to discuss any aspects of automatic gates, telephone us, email [email protected] or complete the enquiry form.