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Procter Contracts certified as a Gallagher Channel Partner

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Procter Contracts is a certified Gallagher Channel Partner for Gallagher’s electric pulse fencing and monitoring systems

Procter Contracts has been appointed as a certified Gallagher Channel Partner for the sales, installation and maintenance of Gallagher’s technologically advanced perimeter security systems, including electric pulse fencing and sensor-based monitoring systems. Procter Contracts is, therefore, a ‘one-stop shop’ for organisations requiring world-class high-security perimeter protection.

Gallagher is a world leader in perimeter protection and access control technologies, with systems in use with national and local governments, mining, military, commercial, industrial, healthcare, transportation and academic organisations in more than 100 countries. The Gallagher perimeter security product range includes networked and standalone perimeter security electric fencing, no-feel sensor technologies and integrations with complementary third-party technologies. All electric fence products comply with international electric fence safety standards and Gallagher’s Code of Practice.

Electric fences act as a strong deterrent by giving short, sharp yet safe electric pulses, and also help to delay the more determined intruders. Suitable for use either in conjunction with or instead of electric pulse systems, sensor-based monitoring systems deter intruders and substantially increase the chance they will be recorded on CCTV and/or apprehended by security personnel. Both types of system can be tailored to meet the customer’s requirements, whether they are a small commercial user or a large enterprise with multiple high-security sites. Typical applications include warehousing, vehicle storage compounds, utilities (power, water and telecommunications), airports, retail, sports and leisure facilities, and industrial units and manufacturing plants.

Gallagher’s Trophy 6 system is a standalone electric fence with a controller that sends regulated electric pulses along each fence channel and monitors the returning pulses. Any attempt to climb, cut or disable the electric fence is detected. If separate zones have been created, each one can be controlled and monitored independently.

Where a more comprehensive electric pulse fence and perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS) is required, the Gallagher Trophy FT software-controlled system offers full configuration, control and monitoring for multi-zone, multi-site perimeter security. The scalable, networked, software-controlled system enables unlimited, uniquely identified fence zones to be created for fast, appropriate and accurately targeted responses to alarms. In addition, an integrated imaging system provides visual records of alarm events. As well as providing for electric pulse fencing and sensor monitoring, the Trophy FT system can also incorporate electronic access control (including photo ID, fingerprint reading, card-based systems and wireless access), intruder alarms, imaging systems, and building management functions such as air conditioning and lighting.

With both Trophy systems, there are different styles of fencing available so customers can match the aesthetic to their site’s requirements for high-security perimeter protection, whether the need is for a visually assertive fence or one that blends with the environment. In all cases, the fencing components are designed and manufactured from materials that will resist corrosion and provide a long service life in harsh environments. Furthermore, thanks to Gallagher’s years of experience with many thousands of installed systems, coupled with the use of sophisticated detection technologies, the Trophy systems minimise false alarms caused by weather and wildlife.

Compared with using security staff to patrol the perimeter, technology-based enhanced security measures offer numerous advantages, including being a permanent deterrent; providing complete and continuous surveillance; not requiring food, sleep, comfort breaks or sick leave; not being susceptible to bribery; capable of dealing with multiple incidents simultaneously; and detecting intrusion attempts immediately for timely responses. Given the reduction in manpower that is often achieved, enhanced perimeter security systems can also deliver significant long-term savings.

Jeremy Procter, Managing Director of Procter Fencing Systems, comments: “Our business has more than 100 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing high-quality fencing and gates throughout the UK. In the last 20 years, we have come across a number of suppliers of electric pulse fencing and intruder detection systems, but we are confident that Gallagher is the market leader and we are therefore very pleased to have been appointed as a certified Gallagher Channel Partner. We have been impressed with the quality and performance of the systems we have installed so far, and the support from Gallagher is excellent. We are looking forward to supplying many more Gallagher security systems to UK customers requiring the ultimate in high-security perimeter protection.”

Following an initial consultation and site survey, Procter Contracts can undertake the installation of the fencing, gates and any additional security measures necessary, and can subsequently provide support and maintenance as required.

Follow the link to find out more about electric pulse fencing and sensor-based monitoring systems from Gallagher Channel Partner Procter Fencing Systems or contact us to discuss specific projects by using the online chat facility on the website, email [email protected] or telephone us.

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