Installation service

Although at the technical consultation and site survey stage we wouldn’t of course normally have been awarded the contract, it is important that we fully understand the overall scheduling of the project to ensure we build this into our detailed proposal.  And of course, in the event we are awarded the fencing contract we will go on to ensure that we achieve the agreed scheduling and completion dates.

All Procter fencing installation is carried out by our own skilled and experienced installation teams – we do not subcontract out any installations.  This means that, along with every other stage in the process, we retain complete control over the fencing or fencing and gates project, with our contract managers overseeing every key stage of each installation.

Specific  points to note which reinforces the quality and consistency of our installations are:

  • All Procter Fencing personnel have received the required CISS Health & Safety training
  • All contracts we carry out are in accordance with ISO 9001-2000 procedures that are independently audited
  • Procter Contracts is an accredited company under Building Confidence, and Achilles Link-up and UVDB schemes.  Check our Fencing and Gates Accreditation.
  • All workforce is minimum CSCS, all supervisors are SSSTS, all management are SMSTS / IOSH qualified which allows us to work on every construction site in the UK.

We fully understand that fencing and gate projects will often be just one component part of a much larger construction project.  When this is the case, it is clearly critical that our element of the larger project is started and completed on the agreed dates.  In addition, many projects involve the case, we may be required to install, move or completely remove hoarding and temporary gates etc.  and do so during weekends or overnight.  All of this type of detailed and time-sensitive work requires coordination and expert project management, which is exactly what we can deliver at Procter Fencing Systems.