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Secure Louvred Screening Solution for Hi Vac Units





The Background

Goldbeck, in 2022, approached Procter Contracts with the need for a robust safety solution to protect their Hi Vac Units. This project demanded our comprehensive service offering, including manufacturing, design, supply, and installation. With a tight timeline in place, we delivered a customized solution to surround the perimeter of the units, addressing concerns related to obscurity, rainwater resistance, excessive noise reduction, hurricane-type winds, and proper airflow.

The Solution

Our Louvred Screening Solution:
Procter Contracts rose to the challenge, meeting the specific requirements of Goldbeck while exceeding expectations. We provided a bespoke louvred screening system that effectively addressed multiple issues, including:

  1. Obscurity: Our louvred screening solution offered the desired level of obscurity, ensuring privacy and preventing visual access to the Hi Vac Units.
  2. Rainwater Resistance: The design of our screening system effectively mitigated the impact of rainwater, protecting the units and ensuring their optimal performance.
  3. Noise Reduction: The louvred panels acted as effective sound barriers, reducing excessive noise levels emitted by the units, creating a more favorable working environment.
  4. Wind Resistance: Our screening system was engineered to withstand hurricane-type winds, providing structural integrity and durability.
  5. Airflow: We carefully designed the louvred panels to allow for proper ventilation and airflow, preventing the buildup of heat or air stagnation within the units.

In addition to the louvred screening system, Procter Contracts went the extra mile to incorporate several matching double leaf gates into the project. These gates allowed access to specific points of the units and facilitated servicing of filters and general maintenance, ensuring optimal functionality and ease of operation.

The Result or Feedback

Through our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, the Goldbeck project achieved outstanding results:

  1. Enhanced Security: Our louvred screening solution provided a secure environment for the Hi Vac Units, protecting them from unauthorized access.
  2. Improved Performance: The rainwater resistance and noise reduction features of our screening system contributed to the units’ optimal functionality and performance.
  3. Durability and Weather Resistance: Our solution withstood hurricane-type winds and provided long-term protection against adverse weather conditions.
  4. Maintenance Accessibility: The inclusion of double leaf gates allowed for convenient access to specific areas of the units, streamlining maintenance procedures.

Procter Contracts successfully met Goldbeck’s requirements by delivering a customised louvred screening solution for their Hi Vac Units. Our expertise in manufacturing, design, supply, and installation ensured the project’s success.

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Products used

Procter Contracts approach from day one was collaborative and helpful and from tender through to completion and snagging provided us with an attentive and professional service which sets them apart from their peers. Their operatives on site were always willing to help and were self-regulating when it came to snagging works and rectifying any minor defects. Everything that was asked of them the delivered on which in turn contributed to an extremely successful project. Easy to use and deal with and would have no hesitation in working with Procter Contracts again.
Goldbeck Construction