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Enhanceing a Stadium Entrance with Customised Fencing


Harlequins Football Club Ltd

Project Type



Central England

The Background

Procter Contracts, a leading fencing installation company, collaborated with Harlequins Football Club Ltd to enhance the aesthetic appeal and security of their stadium entrance. The project involved providing a comprehensive fencing solution that seamlessly integrated with other contractors’ provisions, while accommodating decorative hoarding and television screens.

Scope of Work:
Procter Contracts was entrusted with the task of designing, manufacturing, supplying, and installing a fencing system that would meet the specific requirements of the sports and leisure sector. The project encompassed the provision of railings, gates, and framework, as well as structural steelwork tailored to the client’s needs.

The Solution

The primary challenge was to create an aesthetically pleasing entrance while ensuring the security and safety of the Harlequins site. Procter Contracts successfully addressed this by leveraging their expertise and offering a comprehensive service that encompassed the entire project lifecycle.

Through meticulous planning and seamless execution, Procter Contracts delivered the project within the specified timeframe. The fencing solution not only secured the perimeter effectively but also provided a suitable method for access and crowd control, meeting the highest standards of quality and functionality.

The Result or Feedback

Following the completion of the fencing installation, the entrance of the stadium underwent a remarkable transformation. The upgraded aesthetics significantly enhanced the overall appearance, creating an appealing and inviting ambiance for visitors. The integration of gates, railings, and fencing panels ensured a safe and secure boundary, fulfilling the client’s requirements.

Harlequins Football Club Ltd expressed their gratitude for the exceptional work carried out by Procter Contracts. They commended the team for their professionalism and attention to detail throughout the project. The client not only praised the final outcome but also expressed their willingness to collaborate with Procter Contracts in the future.